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Saturday , 16 February 2024
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The Duplicity of Fluoride Revealed


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“We aren’t going away and we want to make sure the mayor knows it.” -Derrick Broze, Fluoride Free Houston

In an effort to move away from the preconceived ideas and conspiracy theories associated with fluoridation of the water system, Fluoride Free Houston is inviting the community out for a potluck and a screening of the documentary “The Fluoride Deception” by author Christopher Bryson at The Real School Friday February 1 at 7:00 p.m.

Just under a year ago, Derrick Broze and other activist members of the Houston Free Thinkers and Occupy Houston formed FFH to specialize in educating the public and to attract the attention of the mayor and city council members for their cause. “The very first time we went we got support and public announcements backing our cause from two city council members, Helena Brown and Jack Christie,” said Broze. However, the mayor has informed them that the city will continue to follow what the CDC suggests, which is water fluoridation. “The mayor has made it clear since the beginning that she’s not interested in working with us,” said Broze. Yet, the organization is still persistent in its efforts to advocate for their cause and reach out to local government officials to help better inform and hopefully garner greater support.

FFH has three main talking points that include: health and environmental risks, the money that the government spends to fluoridate the water, and the violation of civil liberties. Fluoride is actually called hydrofluorisilic acid which is the waste created by mining for phosphate then turning it to aluminum. “Literally, the bag you see of hydrofluorosilic acid has a skull and crossbones on it and says “POISON” and that’s what they pour into the water,” explained Broze. We get an overexposure of fluoride, not just through drinking waves, but through processed foods, the shower, canned goods, sodas, and energy drinks that accumulates in our bodies over time.

“At some point they thought it was a good idea to start putting it in the water because they said it strengthens your teeth. What we want to point out to the city is that maybe at some point that made sense. Nowadays everybody has better healthcare. We have dentists. We have toothpaste. It’s literally just money going down the drain,” Broze explained.

The event will focus on FFH’s history and goals and include food around 7:30 p.m. followed by the screening of “The Fluoride Deception” at 8:00 p.m. The goal is to “get a lot of people to recognize fluoride as an issue of concern because I’m sure that some of the reader’s will instantly think of conspiracy theories because it is definitely made fun of by some people.”

For more information visit the event page or the Fluoride Free Houston website.


  1. “The mayor has made it clear since the beginning that she’s not interested in working with us”

    Camp out at City Council until they put it on the ballot, and like the red light cameras, it will be struck down. Thank you for making a concerted effort to make this information public.

  2. The mayor should read the PDF article,
    Water Fluoridation: a Review of Recent Research and Actions; by Joel M. Kauffman, Ph. D.,

    (originally posted in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons; Volume 10 Number 2 Summer 2024).


    It states (among other things) that: Proponents of fluoridation have censored most media, ignored intelligent discussion of fluoridation, slandered most opponents of fluoridation, and overturned legal judgments against fluoridation in a manner that demonstrates their political power. Many published studies that had conclusions favoring fluoridation were later found unsupported by their raw data.

    Ireland has the worst dental health in Western EU Countries despite being the only country with mandatory water fluoridation. The improvements in dental health since 1980 have been significantly in other EU countries with no water fluoridation policy.

    SOURCE: World Health Organization (2012b). Oral Health Country/Area Profile Programme. WHO Collaborating Centre, Malmo University, Sweden. Caries for 12 year-olds by country/area.

    I guess neither the mayor or CDC recieved that memo.

    Have her read the article, It’s Pollution Stupid by George Glasser from the National Pure Water Association. It explains exactly what kind of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, etc. are added to the tap water under the umbrella term water fluoridation. Natural fluoride in water is calcium fluoride. (the least toxic of fluoride compounds). Hydrofluoric acid isn’t calcium fluoride by any stretch. Hydrofluorosilicic acid is nothing more than hydrofluoric acid with a little added silica. If spilled, it will eat a hole through concrete. Calcium fluoride does not do this. (even concrete can tell the difference). Hydrofluoric acid is used in bio-terrorism.

  3. Won't Someone Think of the Children!

    Free Press Houston is so much better than this. Do you guys not care enough about your own publication to verify tinfoil hat stuff like this? I’ll save myself some time and leave this here:


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