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Top 5 Music Videos of the Week: Goldie, WatchtheDuck + more

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The summer concert season is in full swing, but you can hide in the dark with me and watch the best music videos of the week.

5. Hortlax Cobra — “Light as a Feather”

“Light as a Feather” feels like a blast from the past. Its jumble of incongruent images and random weirdness reminds me of the sort of videos Robot used to produce for Numbers back in the day. In addition to just being a fantastic song all around, the light-hearted surreality of the video is tremendously engaging.

4. WatchTheDuck ft. T.I. & DJ E-Feezy — “Making Luv to the Beat”

This is honest to God one of the most inventive music videos I have ever seen in my life. Directed by Warren Kommers, “Making Luv to the Beat” explores the idea of a song as a guided art exhibit. In a slow pan, the tune is illustrated by an evolving collection of lights and disembodied limbs that highlight the lyrics. The vaginas made of stereo speakers were a particular favorite of mine. Watching this made me wish it was possible to actually step into the screen.

3. Goldie — “Castaway”

Thanks to this video, I learned that it is apparently illegal to keep a breakdancer in the trunk of a car. Kidding aside, this is a bizarre but wonderful video. It’s an oddly beautiful, slightly nonsensical short crime drama, and it is so spectacularly acted that its constant absurdity feels incredibly meaningful. I’d keep an eye on Goldie if I were y’all. This cat is doing good work.

2. & 1. Raj and the 100s — “One of the Oldest Men Who Ever Lived”

I’ve given this one the top two slots because it’s an entire video series presented in one big gulp. Utilizing the talents of more than 50 different artists, director Andy Byers weaves a narrative across seven different videos in a manner meant to mimic the turning of a vinyl record. It’s a profound showcase of the nature of loss, not to mention an amazingly ambitious project. There are so few bands that attempt the full-on video album anymore, and I would love to see it make a comeback.