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Visions of Bosch

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Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil gives viewers an up close look at art experts and other scientists as they examine the approximately two dozen surviving paintings of the famous 15th century painter. If you’re familiar with Bosch, you know his bizarre imagery seems both prophetic and modern. If you’ve never heard of Bosch, you’re in for an eye-opening treat. Although native to The Netherlands, most of Bosch’s works are on display in Spain due to their confiscation or collection by then King of Spain Philip II.

One scientist examines the wood of a Bosch painting and determines the tree it’s from was cut down after his death in 1516. Curators debate on which paintings will travel from the Prado in Madrid to the Noordbrabants Museum in The Netherlands. One curator doesn’t want to close the panels of Bosch’s most famous triptych “The Garden of Earthy Delights.” When another curator closes said panels, another painting is revealed on the outside doors that shows the creation of the Earth.

The fascinating use of infrared and X-ray photography shows the original sketches Bosch used that lie underneath the paint. While the paintings are not identified in a linear manner, some of the works on display include “Garden of Earthly Delights,” “The Seven Deadly Sins,” and “The Haywain Triptych.”

Hieronymus Bosch: Touched by the Devil plays at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston auditorium four times over the next two weeks, starting with engagements tonight Friday, November 18 and Sunday, November 20.

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