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Adam Bricks Returns Refreshed On New Single

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Adam Bricks, Photo: Eric Castorena


The best part of new releases is hearing the growth, the depth, and the influence that many artists bring with each new body of work.  For Houston’s Adam Bricks, there’s plenty of growth and depth on his new single, “The Only One.”  It’s not like he changed his overall sound, but since it’s been a good while since he dropped a new album, the song really showcases where he’s at in the two years since 2024’s “City Songs.”


On this song, we hear a more adult Bricks’ where he has really grown as a singer and songwriter.  The use of backing vocals, his depth in his lyrics, and the definite hooks are all signs of growth as a songwriter.  There’s even a better use of multiple instrumentation with piano and and more guitar tracks than he’s done in the past.  The overall sound is one that feels worth the wait.  Bricks’ has always had a voice that was distinctive and hard to compare to anyone else.  Here, his vocals have more of a melodic feel while they draw you in on each and every note he sings.  The track, found here, is catchy and sticks in your head almost immediately as it plays, and shows that Bricks’ has come a long way as a songwriter and as a performer.  


You can get your own copy of Bricks’ new album, “Relations” when it gets released on May 5th.  If you can’t wait that long, then you can grab one sooner when he plays his album release party at Continental Club on April 29th.  The 21 & up show has doors at 9:00 and features a set from Buxton and more, as well as a Free CD with your $10.00 cover.