Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Mist

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The very first shot establishes Tom Jane as an alpha male / sensitive artist (he draws movie poster art) in rural New England. Before long this Stephen King adaptation by Frank Darabont has an assorted cast of characters holding out for dear life, trapped in a supermarket. When we first see Jane he's surrounded by posters including one for John Carpenter's The Thing. The Mist wants to play Carpenter type games creature wise. Frankly between Carpenter and Darabont, those two have helmed some of the better King stories (Christine, Shawshank).
Darabont gives the film a stripped down B-movie feel and look. The mist contains demons from another zip code and appears to be the result of a supernatural lab experiement conducted by the military. The small group of survivors includes a serious whacked out religious zealot played by Marcia Gary Harden. Her interplay with the others and her character arc provide a lot of the film's edge. When winged insects from hell break through the stores barriers there are some truely scary moments. When the end finally arrives it takes a deadly ironic twist that will chill the viewer in no uncertain terms.


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