Friday, December 28, 2024

Spot the local music crumudgeon - Last week of 2024 edition

-A weekly blog where I highlight at least one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-


The JonBenet photo by John Van
Well, if you were to believe Keith Plocek's insipid whining in the Houston Press you'd think that We are The Hollow Men was a bust. Never trust a writer who says he couldn't make it through the door; last I checked you have to actually experience something to comment about it.

But enough about Plocek, his loss was everyone else's gain. I got there around around 9ish straight to about 2 am and had a blast. The vibe was generally so happy and cool that it didn't matter though, admittedly, we could all have done without the dozen or less meathead moshers. Still a dozen fools don't make or break a show. B. played a great set of proggy instrumental math rock (low-fi video) and even though it was early there was still an enthusiastic crowd. Grant Olney was somewhat of a surprise for me. Listening to a couple songs on-line, I found myself with non-existent expectations but live (and with most of Panic in Detroit backing him) the show was a set of very engaging of melodic pop. The Dimes ripped through a great set (low-fi Video) of their high energy pop which, when it's firing on all cylinders, is unstoppable. The JonBenet played an aggressive and heavy set (low-fi video) that had everyone in a frenzy. Points for having a droll frontman as well. The bands ended with a by the numbers Fatal Flying Guilloteens set (Low-fi Video) by which I mean shit got broke, bodies were flying, and you would likely find a bruise on you the next day. All in all a huge roaring success and the funny thing is, all I had was one cup of beer. Guess what? It didn't matter. Yes Keith, you can have a good time even when the beer runs dry.


Sunday December 30
Dead Roses, Balaclavas
@ River Oaks Theatre
(10 PM Upstairs)
Start you New Years party early. Two great bands playing at an unlikely venue but that's why we are psyched especially as I love the River Oaks Theatre [as well as its sister theatre the Greenway 3 which will sadly closing on Sunday].

With the old school punk of Dead Roses and the grandeur of Balaclavas (who will be featured in our January issue) this is going to be a sweet show and with films projecting behind the bands in the small upstairs theatres it's going to be nutters. Wanna take bets as to how long it takes for this show to reach occupancy?
[Photo Jim Parsons from ]


Fri., December 28
Dead Roses/A Pink Cloud/A Thousand Cranes/Brown Paper Kites
@ The Engine Room
The other show in an unexpected venue this time the cinder block box gets a dose of the old school punk of Dead Roses and the experimental improvisation of A Pink Cloud.

Friday December 28 Kill the Client, Tolar, PLF, 50/50, Dissent, Die Young, Pig Skewer, Humanicide
@ Southmore House on Nance Street

"Hardcore! Hardcore! Get your red hot hardcore right here kids! " Southmore House just refuses to die and we're all the better for it.

*Saturday December 29
Judas Bear, Bright Men of Learning, Che Arthur, Elaine Greer & Band

@ The Proletariat
(Attention visiting New York buddy, I'm dragging yr ass here.) It'll nice to close out the year with Bright Men of Learning's rootsy rock - always a good show. I'm also looking forward to seeing Elaine Greer's melodic folky songs on a stage. Bonus points it's at the Prolee. Which reminds me, Marshall Preddy of BMOL wrote a lovely little piece on the Prolee's closing on the band's blog (Link).

Saturday December 29
The Capricorny Show2Anarchitex, Sad Pygmy, & Bad Samaritans
@ Super Happy Fun Land
The Axiom reunion show is still raging with some excellent 80's/90's Houston stalwarts. The Anarchitex features Scott Ayers, Tory Mercer among others and Sad Pygmy are Rotten Piece is a more rock and roll permutation.

Saturday December 29
Grand Buffet, DJ Jester the Filipino Fist, Bring Back The Guns, Ceeplus Bad Knives
@ Rudyard's
Let's see Pittsburgh dance music, excellent DJ action, and Bring Back the Guns at Rudz. Sure, why not?

Saturday December 29
Secret Saturday Show
@ The Shady Tavern
(1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)
You know the score. Mystery bands, DJs, and it's free.

New Years Eve - Monday December 31st: There is so much shit going down on new year's that I am just going to throw it out here and you can figure it out yourselves:

American Sharks, Cop Warmth, The Wiggins, & O Pioneers!!!
@ Boondocks

Your awesomeness comes in a four pack!

Black Mayonnaise, Black Magic Marker, The Annoysters, Muzak John, Kairos, Chiasma, Douglas Ferguson, Bully Pulpit, Concrete Violin, Wall With One Side, Y2kazoo, Amputee, & more
@ Super Happy Fun Land

For those who want a gentle and melodic new year's eve or would like to celebrate Olivia Flores Alvarez's encyclopedic knowledge of the Houston Noise scene.

Golden Axe/The Squishees/Kvalla
@ Rudyard's
Make your New Years metal and proggy. The Axe is unstoppable, the Squishees are unflappable, and Kvalla...well I don't know anything about them aside from the fact that Danny Mee (The Jonx) will be drumming - that alone is good enough for me!

Ladyheat, Ninevolt, The Tontons, & Alarma
@ Notsuoh
The Tontons may not be breaking any new ground but what they do, they do so well it doesn't matter. [Note to self: pick-up their EP at Sound Ex. tomorrow]. Alarma is this band that I just love. They put on a great show and sure sometimes it ends in disaster but you wish your disaster could be this cool.

T.H.E. Fly & Rooster, Lower Life Form, Spinnin' Kitties, Witnes, & Remix
@ The Proletariat
It's your last new years to spend at The Prolee. How could you not even think of dropping by?


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