Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bad revisited

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My claim to fame other than my natural good looks is that I saw the film Bad Lieutenant on its opening weekend in NYC. It was a friday evening, midnight, the film was playing exclusively at some Gotham twoplex, next to (exclusive, only playing on two screens in the nation) Aladdin. The theater had a marquee display with some bondage type imagery, hand cuffs and the poster displayed. Walking out of the theater people on either side of me were saying it was the best or it was the worst film they had ever seen. It was announced today at the Cannes film festival that Bad Lieutenant is being remade by Werner Herzog and starring Nicholas Cage. I have only seen BL theatrically but evidently the Schooly D song that plays all throughout the film is not on the dvd version because the rights to the sample from LZs Kashmir were not cleared ... I can't imagine that film without that song ... If you've never seen the original BL directed by Abel Ferrara consider it a must see but be prepared for a no holds barred journey through corruption and vice.


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