Thursday, July 17, 2024

Tonight - Recession Thursday with Pale, Lisa's Son, The Takes, & Come See My Dead Person

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 5:22 AM

Riff Tiffs - "an impressive frigate of sound, with pressure-treated wood so bright not a barnacle one could set-up shop on her hull. It is an ACES escort for casual chilling with the school and introspective dives into the deep alone. We’ve been rocking it out for a week and, like Flipper Daddy will do so until we say So Long, and thanks for all the fish. Recommended." - The Skyline Network

Pale - “Pale has the rock ‘n’ roll ideal: the moxie and evolving know-how to get noticed in a business that gives less and less opportunity to new talent. Pale is trying to find the rock ‘n’ roll spirit again.” - Houston Chronicle.

Lisa's Sons - "Pop-Punk Boy Band For Hipster Elitists." - ??

The Takes - "80s hardcore with a 90s pop punk vibe" - Travis of He Said She Said

Come See My Dead Person - " these voyeurs veered from sad-bastard Tom Waits folk to rollicking ragtime rock. And with a name like that, there's no excuse for missing their next gig." - Chris Gray The Houston Press


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