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Aux Files .001

Aux Files .001
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When it comes to the aura of a typical Houston summer, it’s always filled with surprises. The weather may be filled with slight showers that turn into floods or one may feel the need to seek out the closest air conditioner due to the unforgiving Texas sun. Despite the drastic changes in the Lone Star climate, there has also been a variety of changes within the Space City music scene as well. For the first installment of Aux Files, we have a diverse selection of hip hop and rap artists and songs that reflect the modern generation of Houstonians. Whether it’s a rendition of retrospective H-Town sonics or a fusion of material that oozes out radiant vibes, the selection of individuals featured in this weekly special will reflect what Houston is producing at the moment and what the city needs to keep their eyes peeled for.


“Key Arena” — Siddiq x Maserati Trey

For starters, we begin with a unique feature with Acres Homes own Siddiq and Southwest Alief representer Maserati Trey on their joint single, “Key Arena.” Trey transitions his hustle from lacing some of Houston’s freshest in vintage threads and smoothly approaches the mic with rhymes about keeping things supersonic and slam dunking on his competition like Shawn Kemp. The second verse is followed by Siddiq’s mellow taste, which features a rhyme that’s similar to Trey’s but filled with more confidence due to his experience. The song is an essential from the duo’s EP, 2 for $4. The length may be short, but it’s a perfect soundtrack for the summer and perfect introduction to both artists.



“Mula Fiend” — Wes Blanco

In a matter of 8 months, Wes Blanco went from being another original member of the famous Kream Clicc to growing into one of Houston’s premier artists. Hailing from the Southwest, Blanco got his start with Maxo Kream and Lyndo Cartel, but since then his clever lyrical scheme has matured and he’s managed to make hits such as “Mula Fiend.” The “Dab Fever” influenced anthem is filled with lines about pimping, kicking it in Dallas, and the grand pursuit of getting money. The song has become Blanco’s biggest to date, and this will only lead to a string of singles that he will be releasing in preparation for his upcoming project, Real Quick, slated to be released this summer.



“Moon Walkin” — Trelle

Although Trelle has made his move to San Antonio, the Houston-bred artist is in the primitive stages of his career. Despite him only rapping for a year, Trelle has shown much potential with records such as “Kendall Jenner” and “Moon Walkin.” The Cam Got Hits produced record brings out the embedded sauce that Trelle carries and fast rhyme scheme he uses to show listeners how flexible his words can be. It may be early to call him a threat when it comes to artists in the area, but at the same time it’s always better to be in front of the 8-Ball rather than behind it.



“Currency” — Tim Woods ft. Retro Kash
Houston’s flower child Tim Woods is an enigma within himself. The modern day hippie caught everyone’s attention with records such as the Toro Y Moi sampled “H20” and the homecoming anthem, “Bak N Town”  He continues his streak with “Currency” featuring Retro Kash. Woods and Kash dive into the relevancy of making cash and what it means to them for their future. A quotable lyric from Woods: “Tunnel Vision but I’m focused, used to think I was hopeless / I remember when I was homeless, if you paid attention attention you would’ve known this.” The weight of those words alone carry the validity of this song to a level where it’s not only an anthem about cash, but it’s about the endearment to get to where you want to be and must need dividends and drive to achieve that.



“Trip” — Billy Racxx
Before Travis Scott became a household name, he was known as one of Houston’s abstract and unique artists that was breaking barriers before signing to Kanye West’s Good Music imprint. Scott has also opened the door for more of these kinds of artists to make their presence known in the city and one who has this platform to his advantage is Billy Racxx. Moving to Florida, New York, Austin, and more places in between, Racxx has found a home for himself in Houston. He recently released his project, “Billy Ocean 2” and one of its standout tracks is “Trip”. The scripted body of work takes listeners on an obscure odyssey and “Trip” is a 2:30-minute wave that one can take to catch the fragment of oceanic vibes that Mr. Racxx provides. It’s certainly a piece of work that Space City listeners should consider and it’s always better to catch the wave early rather than get lost in it later.