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Aux Files .005

Aux Files .005
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Still from Tisa Korean’s “Valero”


The gas is pressed, the key is in the ignition, and the wheels have been burning the rubber on Aux Files. This weekly special where we highlight the hidden talent in the Houston music scene seeks to be the launchpad for what it means to be a part of “New Houston.” Coming off a stiff playlist last week which included the likes of Trill Sammy, Ape Drums, Trevell Hudson, and more, we dig deep with some more gems in the bag for today. While there will be some sauced out singles to get your geek on (saying this in my Famous Dex voice), there will also be moments where listeners can kick back into the oceanic flavors that will be offered as well. If you’ve been here, follow the standard instructions but if you’re new, grab your auxiliary essentials, kick back, and enjoy the ride for another installation of Aux Files.


“Valero” — Tisa Korean

The deception of numbers can intrigue any listener or viewer to see if a song or music video is worth their time. This chance can also expose if this artist is paying for the numbers of if they are gained organically, and it seems Tisa Korean has grown an authentic audience that craves for his energy and stylistic approach to music. The rapper/producer/videographer is one of the most underrated acts in the city and soon it won’t be that way. His biggest song to date is “Valero,” a dripped out anthem that has caught over 400,000 views on YouTube. The gas station-themed track shows Korean and friends turning up the scene on site and expressing how they pour 4s into their Fanta, meeting at pump 10, and how they have good “gas” at their disposal. The dab fever has caught a tidal wave in the Houston area, and Korean plans on keeping this infection at high levels with singles like this.



“High” — Amea

On the cooler side of things, I was introduced to the smooth organized noise of Amea earlier this week. When dealing with submissions, it takes more than a notion to find an artists sound that not only:

1. You can vibe with, but…
2. Being able to talk about an artist who has a unique platform and how one can write about the intricacies of that artist’s sound and their image when it comes to the overall presentation of the individual’s music.

When listening to Amea, the process was seamless and it carries over in songs such as “High,” which is fresh off her 2024 EP, Baggage Claim. The singer, now in San Antonio by way of Houston, has similar song structures that align with SZA, but breaks the barrier even more with installing the components of her artistry as well. The 4-minute trip allows listeners to fall into the audio oasis Amea curates for those who are looking to ride the wave and cool off their summer days. The track is certainly a sleeper and it’s only right to keep your alarm clock set when it comes to this songstress.



“Missing You” — Sir CRKS

Mixes and mashes are always enjoyed by listeners, especially when it comes to works that are familiar. Houston-based DJ Sic CRKS has been known for his chopped and screwed work for the past few years, but as of recent he’s taking his talents of mashing classic records together and fusing them into modern remixes. On “Missing You,” he crafts together a slow future bounce inspired piece that features Aaliyah vocals from her iconic record, Missing You. The looped instrumental takes listeners down memory lane, but it also enhances the original version and places it in rare form with the twist that’s provided. CRKS steals the show with this record and plans to do more by the end of 2024.



“Steady With The Crew (Preview)” — Travis Scott

After solidifying himself as an international superstar after his major league debut, Rodeo, Travis Scott plans to keep his foot on the gas this summer as well. Having fans anticipate his next project, Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, Scott unleashed a preview that embodies that auto-tuned La Flame aura. Although it’s quite short, it certainly gives insight to what the kid from Missouri City is going to bring to the table with his future efforts for the latter parts of 2024. So until BITTSM makes it’s way to any big streaming service or hit store shelves, this single will hold you over until Scott light his flame again.



“Boomin” — Lu Luciago

We introduced one of the leaders of the Winner’s Music Group when Genesis Iver made his way on to AUX Files with “Forbidden Fruit,” but the Space City-based collective has more in their arsenal with such as Lu Luciago. Where Genesis thrives off of tapping into a listener’s vibe with their soul, Luciago is known for providing the same quality, but doing it with impactful energy. The profound foundation he establishes in his music make each song an anthem, and it’s shown on the visual “Boomin.” The Here Forever documented piece captures Lu and his crew stunting with big cash and hipsters riding motorcycles and foreign rides. The cinematic element that Luciago creates makes the song an instant banger and makes it known that he’s going to be a problem in within given time, but until then, check out his latest feature presentation.