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Bateau Debuts New Single Featuring Gio Chamba

Bateau Debuts New Single Featuring Gio Chamba
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Bateau, Photo: John Winters


Houston’s music scene is ripe with talent as well as collaborations right now.  I would guess that most of you would have know idea what trip hop is, but it’s basically a genre from the nineties that originated in the British electronica world.  I hadn’t really heard much that fell under that genre in a while until I was introduced to Houston’s Bateau.  Though she’s been living in Austin, the performer has already started tapping some of the more popular names around Houston for collaborative works and remixes.  There’s a chance that you may have heard of her, as she’s already dropped a single and a video with Houston rapper Kyle Hubbard, and her mixtape “Dispatch” is due in the beginning of next year.  


Though her sound isn’t as traditional to the genre as the sounds that originated from Bristol, as an artist she employs varying measures of trip hop elements in her music, and identifies heavily with it.  For this single, Bateau chose to enlist the vocal talents of  Houston’s Gio Chamba.  The song “Ay Papi,” found exclusively here, mixes three different languages in a softer and more R&B meets pop sort of feel.  The tracks clocks in at a little over four and a half minutes, and includes tropical elements as well.  The mix that Gio uses of Spanish and English lyrics works and adds a depth to the track.

The overall effect is a song that has many layers and sounds that create a nice slow jam.  Give the song a spin and check out Bateau on Soundcloud, Facebook, and Instagram while you wait for her mixtape to drop next year.  And keep your eyes peeled for Bateau next year, because from the names she’s working with and her overall sound, she could be a big deal sooner than later.