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Bayonne Brings His Intensity Back To Houston

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Bayonne. Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Facebook


In today’s electronic world, artists are doing themselves a huge favor by standing out.  Whether it be by how they perform live or how their music sounds overall, doing anything different can mean the difference between making a living and playing to your pals in your garage.  For Houston-born and now Austin transplant Bayonne, it’s a bit of both.  While his new album Primitives is one of the best electronic albums you can hear, it’s his craft — in that he played all of the instruments on the album — sets him apart.  That is until you get to one of his mesmerizing live sets, where he changes the game and raises the stakes for what a live electronica act looks like.  There’s something magical about how he seems to feel every note while singing and playing live drums that makes his live show one that everyone needs to experience at least once.  Free Press Houston caught up with the artist before his set in town this Saturday.


Free Press Houston:  While Primitives is one of the most gorgeous records I’ve heard in a long time, can you explain when you’ve had time to record this new single “Living Room,” and is this a glimpse into a future release?

Bayonne: “Living Room” is actually a track that I’ve had lying around for quite some time. I started it years ago, before Primitives was ever recorded. It seemed like a good time to put something new out so I put finishing touches on it and released it as a single in the states, and as bonus track to the release in Europe.


FPH:  Your live shows are life changing events that I feel like most people leave from transformed, have you gotten great responses since going on larger scale tours?

Bayonne:  This year has been great so far in terms of audiences. I’ve been lucky enough to tour with bands like Two Door Cinema Club and Peter, Bjorn, and John so there’s been some very exciting shows in the mix. The crowds have been way bigger and, generally, more responsive than in the past. It seems to be working with different types of crowd for the most part so I’m stoked about that.


FPH:  You told me once that you felt like some of your family members didn’t understand what you do as an artist.  Since the crazy amount of touring you’ve done over the past two years and the signing to Mom+Pop, do they seem to have a better grip on who Bayonne is and what it is that you do?

Bayonne:  There was a time, much earlier on, when I felt many of my close friends and family might have a hard time grasping some of the music I was making, but I feel that’s not an issue anymore. It’s the way I make my living and get to express myself. Then again, this was back in a time where I was really experimenting and try to find a sound, so maybe it just wasn’t that good so early on. My family and friends have shown nothing but the strongest support since I’ve decided to take a musical path. I find myself very lucky.


FPH:  You went to Europe earlier this year and then you did ACL, how did the crowds in Europe and the larger sized crowds at ACL react to your engaging live show?

Bayonne:  The response at ACL was great! It was so much fun to have a drummer and a bass player for the last few songs and I think the crowd reacted very positively to that. Europe has been filled with such crazy experiences and really good crowds so far. The crowds across the pond seem very attentive and interested in the music, somewhat reserved. It’s a much different type of crowd compared to the states, from my experience.

FPH:  It’s been a good while since your last set in Houston, what should people expect from you this time around?  Are there any new tracks in your new set?

Bayonne:  It’s possible I may bust out a new track or two for the Houston show. It will also be the first time I’ve ever played Houston with another live drummer. He will be accompanying me for the Texas shows for this run so I’m really stoked to introduce this to the Houston crowd! I’ve heard amazing things about White Oak Music Hall as well.


I’ve always contended that Bayonne has the ability to be one of the strongest and most successful new artists coming out of Austin today.  His crazy live sets coupled with his music that feels otherworldly create a one two punch that doesn’t come around very often, and is something you’d be harming yourself not to engage with.  You can catch Bayonne when he opens for El Ten Eleven on Saturday, October 29 upstairs at White Oak Music Hall.  The all ages show has doors at 8 pm and tickets between $15 and $20.