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 Michael Bergeron
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I’m not sure where the Borgman is from but I know he’s unearthly. When we meet Borgman it’s because some of his town’s members have come to his house to kill him. Borgman lives in an underground house hidden in the woods. The fact that one of the villagers carries a rifle and is a priest lets you know that Borgman can be devious.

Later after escaping through a secret tunnel Borgman attaches himself to a family, at first hiding out in their guest house, then as their gardener. Borgman has a coterie of fellow creatures, all of whom communicate through cell phones. Eventually thing start to happen - things of a bad nature to the family and those that come in contact with them. The imagery is seldom violent, yet when it is the forms and shapes may warp your mind.

This Dutch film from filmmaker Alex van Warmerdam plays exclusively at the Alamo Drafthouse Mason Road location starting today. Borgman should be on your want-to-see list, and van Warmerdam should be on your directors-to-watch list.

- Michael Bergeron

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