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Capturing the Scene: Sebvicious

Capturing the Scene: Sebvicious
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Left: Tyler the Creator. Right: Maxo Kream. Photos: Sebvicious

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The artistic community has flourished in Space City with the vast amount of photographers, cinematographers, actors, artists, and more who have represented the city over time. Some of the most highlighted creators in the music scene are Greg Noire, Jorgey Casanova, and Rowan Liebrum, just to name very few. Another interesting individual who has stamped his photogenic footprints into the city’s versatile palette of artists is Sebvicious, a candid film photographer who has caught the come up of Maxo Kream to capturing festival highlights of A$AP Rocky and A$AP Mob.

Sebvicious has established himself as a decorated piece behind the camera, playing a vital role of photographers who are portraying artists in a different light than the digital age of photographers the internet has grown a custom to. His talents fall in the same bracket as other eyes behind the lens such as BadGrassMedia, Gunner Stahl, and Places + Faces. These people are the ones who aren’t just flicking the camera’s switch to get a polarizing moment; it’s more about letting viewers receive the character that shines through. Snapping the moment within the moment, that’s the subject of each photo, and it seems as if Sebvicious is fully conscious of what he does with this energy he implements.

Free Press Houston recently had a chance to speak to him about his influences, why he took to photography and some of his most memorable moments.


Free Press Houston: How’s your life at the moment?

Sebvicious: Life is stressful at the moment, too many concrete ready-to-be-shown-to-the-world ideas, but not enough money to execute them correctly.


FPH: Before you chronicled the rappers, artists, and creative individuals that you have for the past years, when did you know that photography would intrigue you?

Sebvicious: Since ’06, but really ’08. I was skating, riding the bus from Willowbrook Mall all the way downtown just to skate and tag shit around with the homies. That was just the start, I saw my friends taking film photos of us catching our tags and skating, but it was the things we do like rock Nike SBs cause we ain’t had much bread for them Retro Jordans, but once we got our hands on some it felt like a birthday.

We would ride the bus from Cypress to Downtown just to catch Wale perform W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E., then months later catch Cudi and Asher Roth. I was 14 back then, I’m 22 now, but not a thing has changed. I’m still into the same things I was back then thanks to my friends all that inspired me to like photography because that went hand to hand with the culture and the things I fuck with.


FPH: When you started to shoot, what was the first camera you used and does it hold any sentimental value to you?

Sebvicious: It was an iPhone 4 and I liked it because that camera was fly, the flash photo aesthetic was on point at the time. After that, I moved to the t3i to get the low light shots, but none of those hold any sentimental value, only the pictures I took with those cameras do.


FPH: Between shooting digital photography and film photography, which do you prefer the most and why?

Sebvicious: I prefer film because it’s more valuable. It helps you think about what you are shooting and not waste the limited pictures you have on stupid shit. It will help you become a better photographer just learning the types of film and cameras you need to find the theme you really looking for.

Sebvicious 4Sebvicious 8

Left: A$AP Ant and Meech of Flatbush Zombies. Right: A$AP Rocky and Vic Mensa.


FPH: Seeing your raw film compared to others, you focus on the aspect of setting the scene in raw places as well. Not only giving credit to the what the camera is doing, how do you try to set your scene for the perfect shot when using your film camera?

Sebvicious: Well, when I shoot I just think about myself, like how would I like a photographer to get that angle if he or she were taking a picture of me and then I try to be real simplistic.


FPH: Not only being based in Houston, you’ve traveled to various places to document artists on your own dime. What is one of your most intriguing experiences while traveling and shooting?

Sebvicious: Chicago. I was down broke with my friend and we were supposed to shoot for the A$AP Mob, the big bro A$AP Ant brought us through. Well, it was an experience I will never forget because I was starving with my friend, we ain’t even had $1. When I finally met up with A$AP Ant, we were riding in the Uber XL with A$AP Twelvyy then we finally got to Lollapalooza for their first show. There was so much food for artists and the VIP people that blew a rack just to be around the artists, and just to think to we got in there for free with artist wristbands, so we made sure we weren’t hungry anymore.

We got introduced to A$AP Rocky and he told me and my friend, ” Yo man, I fuck with y’all, I can feel nothing but good vibes from both of you.”  That was a good feeling to know we weren’t bugging or just being straight fan boys. I shot the whole performance then heading to the second show in the “Big Body” Uber again with A$AP Lou, Twelvyy, Nast and Ant really felt like I was important but it felt so normal. I got to shoot the second show and it was unbelievable vibes, went from starving to riding with the people the youth look up to. I came back to Houston and made $1,000 thanks to the A$AP Mob.


Sebvicious 3

Left: A$AP Ant. Right: Young Thug.


FPH: You’ve documented the likes of Maxo Kream, Young Thug, A$AP Rocky, Flatbush Zombies, and more over your time of being behind the camera. Who would say is the person that presents good vibes every time you see them?

Sebvicious: All of the people you mentioned are great, they treat you with respect and don’t let the fame get them, unless you really are a man groupie, but A$AP Ant (YG ADDIE) is the person that gives me the best vibes. He’s really smart, knows the right moves and he’s always looking out for me. He’s chill. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t ever think my work would stay as consistent.


FPH: In this day and time, the internet has made it okay for everyone to be under the idea that they’re a “photographer.” Being one that has some accomplishments under you’re belt, what are some things that you think establish a “real photographer?”

Sebvicious: I don’t even know. Honestly, the people really decide that. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m a photographer, I just do this for fun like its part of my life. Like I said before, I grew up understanding the culture, so I guess everything comes to you naturally if you really claim to be the person you are.


FPH: Being known as someone who’s been putting on Houston when it comes to your work, how do you try separate yourself from others who are shooting photos in the city?

Sebvicious: Really not fucking with anyone from here except a few because Houston doesn’t have a subculture. Everyone just wants to stunt on each other instead of really creating something for everyone to just go out and have fun. That’s why I hate local shit. Most of the events are unorganized and if you don’t dick-ride your way to the little Houston fashion scene then they don’t fuck with you. I like Cary Fagan, his pictures are great. There should be more people from out here moving the same way he does.


FPH: Before 2016 is over, who are three artists you want to have in your archive?

Sebvicious: Gucci Mane, Kali Uchis and Skepta.


FPH: Before 2016 is done, what are three things you want to accomplish when it comes to your artistry?

Sebvicious: Having my own art show, drop my photobook and go on tour with Izaq Roland.