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 David Garrick
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Caught Red Handed: Red Grant Comes to Houston

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Photo: PRL


If you look at how things go in the world of comedy, there aren’t too many new comics who take on the craft  by employing the methods of the greats before them.  With the “alt” rooms, podcasts, and various outlets; there are plenty of ways for a comic to get his name out.  Enter comedian Red Grant.  For a guy who’s blowing up in the world of stand-up, he truly went the way of Robert Townsend in getting his start at the world famous Apollo Theater.  Since his humble beginnings, the DC native has risen up the ranks pretty quickly as one of the best stand ups out there today.  On Friday June 5th, he brings his brand of real world humor to Houston at Warehouse Live.


Once you start to see the accolades Grant has racked up, you immediately realize why his performance is a must see event.  HBO, Comedy Central. and Showtime have all hosted Grant, as well as a regular on Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam.  A guy who’s known for an in your face style, Grant has become a household name in the world of comedy with his relatable humor.  Bits on the club playing your song, being a relationship vampire, and cheating on your girl are just a few of the examples of why Grant hits so hard with his audiences. His assessment of the show “Cheaters” is enough to make anyone hurt with laughter.   In the same vein of many comics who came before him, Grant is also a triple threat in writing and starring in films like, “Laugh Mobb’s We Got Next,” “Family Reunion,” and “First Sunday;”  as well as Katt Williams’ “American Hustle.”


Of course, Grant isn’t the only reason to stray from your usual July 4th weekend plans, as some of the best up and coming comics will be performing on the show as well.  This starts with host Marcus Bowers.  You may know him by M. Bowers, Mister Marcus, or a slew of other names; but they all equal funny.  Going up first is the hilarious Orlando Villarreal, only to be followed by one of Houston’s best new comics, Ashton Womack.  I never really said this before, but of all the horribly organized and poorly attended open mics I’ve visited alongside the great open mics; Ashton is always one of the funniest guys in both the good and the bad rooms.  If you’ve missed Ben Jackson at the Improv, or at Bambou Lounge, or at basically anywhere that wants a comic to slay a room, then this is a great chance to see him.  His Dora The Explorer bit might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.  And,  it’s not an evening without Blue The Comic on board as well.  Anyone who’s ever seen Blue, knows he can hold the audience in the palm of his hand all night.  Of course, it goes without saying that the king of self-promotion, one of the hardest hustling comics in Houston, Rich Williams will be hitting the stage before Grant.  Rich works more rooms than a cleaning crew, and I always feel sorry for anyone who has to follow his strong stage presence; so maybe Grant is the only comic who can.


When you think about it, this show is a great way to break the monotony of your usual July 4th weekend plans of sparklers and BBQ.  Comics like Red Grant don’t come through town often, and if his show doesn’t sell well; he won’t come back for a long time.  The doors are at 7:00 and things should get started within thirty minutes with cover ranging from $20.00 to $35.00, the latter including a meet and greet and a line cut option.  Since it’s a seated show, the tickets are much more limited than usual, so getting tickets now just means you’ll have a better July 4th weekend.

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