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Contact Governor Abbott — Let’s Do More Than Taco ‘Bout It

Contact Governor Abbott — Let’s Do More Than Taco ‘Bout It
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By Emily J Hynds


Now more than ever, I hear people talking about the government that affects our daily life, both person to person and online. What concerns me is that this interest ends there, in talk and discussion alone.

I mostly remain quiet on social media when it comes to politics, world news, and the like, because my social media world is filled with like-minded friends and colleagues. I don’t want to drive up asinine news report click bait by diverting more attention to them. I focus on creating positive actions and outcomes in my real and daily life.

Social media is a great place to disseminate information, but it could be an even greater place to encourage real life action. Everyone knows we should vote, although polls and recent elections tell us there is a great divide between those who know they should…and those who actually do (we’ll see you next time, HERO).
There are many ways to get involved in our government besides voting and many arguments can be made for how local government affects our daily life much more than the highly attended presidential election days. Politicians at every level, yes even Houston’s city council members, are pressured daily by lobbyists who wield the power to sway their opinions and actions. There is no reason that we can’t do the same.

It is incredibly easy to contact the office of Governor Greg Abbott and given his recent, and very dismaying position on the acceptance of Syrian refugees, I encourage you to follow the link below and let him know how you feel.
I have also included the letter that I wrote to him Monday night so that you can, should you choose to, use it and change it to suit your tastes. Will Governor Abbott see it? I hope so. But please, find the time to take action for yourself, especially since it is so readily available at your fingertips.
Dear Governor Abbott,


After reading your statement regarding your intention not to allow Syrian refugees into Texas, I felt that I must write to tell you that I disagree with your opinion as it does not reflect my beliefs and those of many of my friends, family and colleagues. Furthermore, it directly goes against The Refugee Act of 1980, which gives the President the right to admit refugees into the United States, our nation of which Texas is a card carrying member.


Syrian refugees are themselves victims of terrorism and to refuse them asylum goes against my understanding of what it means not only to be Texan, but American as well. I believe that we should help our global neighbors and create a community that does not foster outsider feelings, one in which terrorism itself cannot thrive.


Texas has always been known for our large hearts and it is disappointing that you would attempt to close our borders to those in need in their darkest time. I have always regarded my Texas citizenship with pride and honor, but the actions of your government are causing more and more concern as I feel distanced and estranged from your representation. I understand that not everyone has the same opinion, but I implore you to think of the larger effects such blanket statements and actions can cause.


We are, ultimately, all humans. Texas has space, jobs, housing, not to mention jobs aplenty and it is dismaying to see you close our doors to those requesting aid.


Respectfully, a concerned Texas citizen,


***insert your name here***


  • dbcsez

    Governor Abbott:

    You and I are about the same age. Perhaps you actually remember 1975 and the succeeding years, when thousands of refugees from Vietnam were resettled in Houston and elsewhere in Texas. Yes, there may have been some conflicts, especially among Gulf shrimpers, but the very few who said that Viet Cong might be sneaking into Texas among the huddled masses to murder us in our sleep were not taken seriously, and to my recollection, none of them were government officials.

    I could also point out that the federal government, by law, determines whether to admit refugees from abroad, how many to admit, and where to place them. But others already have, and you as an attorney should know of this law and its implications.

    Instead, I would remind you that our state is already an international laughing-stock, and announcements such as yours are only making the situation worse. True conservatives in European nations are falling all over themselves to welcome those fleeing the chaos in Syria. Only the far-right neo-nationalists, like the ruling bloc in Hungary, are overtly appealing to fear to stem the migrant tide. In the US, Tea Party Dunderheads are gaining governorships and senatorial seats, spraining their muscles trying to outdo each other in absurd, paranoid bloviation contests to capture the Tea Party Dunderhead vote. For the sake of humanity, as the Internet would say, PLZ STAHP! so the motto of Texas, “Friendship,” will actually mean something.