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Corbin Dallas & -Us. Drop Soulful Banger

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Corbin Dallas. Photo: Selfless Images + Design


No matter how many times you go out, or how many acts you see on a weekend, there’s a good chance that you won’t get to see everyone making music in your city.  With a place as spread out and diverse as Houston, that’s definitely the case.  One of the acts that you might not know is the future soul sounds of Corbin Dallas.  Though he’s been grinding it out for a good while now, it’s been about a year since he’s dropped any new tunes.  Luckily for you, Free Press Houston was able to twist his arm into letting us debut his new single, “Come Over (produced by -Us.),” found exclusively here before its release date of July 8.  The track has the kind of swag and flow that places it between late night jam and summertime single that make it hard not to place on repeat.



Teaming up with producer and performer -Us., Dallas uses his vocals to seep into the cracks of your mind while these synths dance on and off the track making it have nuggets of depth that work great together.  The two have worked together since they were both at Lamar High School, even performing in the group Twenty Eleven together, so the collaboration between the two wasn’t anything foreign for either artist.  Elements of trip hop, R&B, and soul are all over the track, making it the perfect lead song from his upcoming solo debut, tentatively titled Water.


This song could definitely have some legs to it, as it has elements of acts like Sade in the vocal approach, Sivey in the electronics, and Frank Ocean in the groove.  There’s plenty of pop in pretty much every groove-heavy note, and the two work so well together that it’s easy to see why both make appearances on one another’s sets. Keep an eye out for Corbin Dallas when he performs around town, and keep your ears to the ground for the release of his solo debut album.  Because when you can drop jams like this one, you’re bound for something great.