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Dad Horse Experience - German Folk-Gospel Singer Makes Texas Debut at Khon’s

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Armed with only a banjo, a kazoo and a foot bass pedal, the man named Dad Horse will saunter into Houston for his Texas debut on Friday, September 13.  The Dad Horse Experience will be performing his particular brand of German wandering folk preacher/gospel traveler music on the roof top above Khon’s Wine Bar (2808 Milam) as a part of his tour of the Southern United States.

Also on the bill for the evening is the inaugural performance of The Lukas Family, an original Houston act comprised of Luke Lukas, Clory Martin, Beth Martin, Ryan Galbraith (Devil Killing Moth) and Doug Falk (The Free Radicals).  Sand Dollar Swing will be opening the show.  In addition to music, there will also be a visual showing of some works from local filmmakers.

As with any artist claiming to be a gospel musician, there’s a presumption of redemption involved in the life and music of Dad Horse.  The common story of being a troublesome, hell raising teen then “seeing the light” is prominent in Dad Horse’s music.  The tagline on Dad Horse’s website is, “Keller-Gospel from the Left of Heaven since 2024.”  I’m not entirely sure what that means but there must be a good amount of sin and darkness involved.  To learn more about his message and tale, find yourself on the roof of the car garage at Khon’s on the evening of Friday, September 13… that’s right.  Friday the 13th, a perfect setting for a gospel reckoning, yes?  I think so.