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Fat Tony Ups Houston’s Rap Game in Just 3 Songs

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Fat Tony, Photo: Daniel Jackson


It astounds me that for some strange reason, Houston’s Fat Tony isn’t one of the biggest rappers going.  This guy has been put on by many, he tours relentlessly, and where many rappers are still attempting to use the Southern rap game to talk about szzyrup and swag, Tony brings in his love of punk rock and his tongue in cheek humor to prove that real Southern rappers go forward, and leave the past behind.


The opener, “Waterfalls” immediately stands out, if not for the distorted guitar samples than at least for the fact that it’s barely over two minutes long.  Where many rappers don’t go in with intensity, Tony doesn’t waste time in spitting fire complete with nods to Houston.  His intense rhymes on this album are something that I’ve been hoping he’d embrace sooner than later, as anyone who’s seen him live can attest that he can go hard and fast on a mic.  When the almost chopped and screwed TLC sample comes in, you don’t need it to love the track as Tony’s mic prowess is the actual star of the track.  He follows this with another barn burner on “Fast Life.”  Complete with electro dance themes like clap beats and altered vocals, Fat Tony reminds you real fast that he’s ahead of pretty much every pop rapper in the hip hop game today.  The hook heavy nature of the song coupled with the dance elements makes the two minute song one you’ll place on repeat multiple times.


He closes things off with the slower paced and autotuned vocals of “Confessions.”  We get to hear a different side of the Third Ward rapper that feels like something he was born to do in dropping a slow jam.  The throwback backing vocal track gets sliced and diced by quick vocal pierces while the chorus keeps that slow jam vibe.  The song comes closer to a club jam that would get couples closer on the dance floor than anything he’s done in the past, while the production levels stay on point complete with a deep bass that thumps in the background.


All in all, Fat Tony does more with less than many rappers getting props in today’s hip hop landscape.  In just over seven and a half minutes, the Houston mic slayer proves that Southern hip hop has moved past the days of DJ Screw, and into a whole new world where anything is possible.  From what he’s told me, this is just the first of several releases this year.  No matter what, he’s proof that the “new class” of Houston hip hop is more forward thinking than the past.  You can and should catch Fat Tony whenever he performs next in Houston or catch his DJ set at MKT Bar tonight from 6:00 to 9:00.  The all ages show is 100% FREE with FREE parking in the attached garage.  With a drop like this and his energy heavy set, catching him live will make you wonder too why he isn’t the biggest rapper going today.

  • 3rdWardSauce

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