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Sunday , October 13 2024
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One Weekend Only: Songs for a New World


There is that one moment where you are forced to decide, should I stay or should I go, to return or stay away, that one moment. We have all been there, whether you were making a lunch decision from a huge menu or teetering on the edge of the unknown and the familiar. Songs for a New World brings those critical moments out to the stage, forcing you to watch as the struggle and emotion unfold on stage.

Last nights performance by The Eklektix Theatre Company drew you in and spit you out. The emotion filled the stage as the performers, each with extensive backgrounds in theatre, took the audience on a journey that they could relate to. Remember that time you were halfway out the door and all you needed was the strength to take a step, just one step. How about that moment when fight or flight kicked in, did you buy that Eldorado and drive to Tennessee? This wasn’t a show that distracted you with an extravagant set, costumes or big names (yet), this show was ‘pull the band aid fast’ real. You felt something when you left, I felt invincible!

Though the music was complex, the company seemed comfortable and confident, drawing in the audience and keeping them hooked until the last note. This is something you don’t want to miss, The Eklektix Theatre Company is doing a lot of things right. Don’t you want to be the person that can say “I knew them when…”, I do.


What: Songs for a New World

When: October 11 and 12 8pm

Where: Frenetic Theatre
5102 Navagation Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011

Admission: $25

Website:  The Eklektix Theatre Company

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