Harbeer Sandhu
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It’s NOT About the Bathrooms

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On the same day that it was revealed that right-wing hypocrite Jared Woodfill, the man who led the effort to defeat the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance by stoking people’s fears about perverts in the ladies’ room, has taken on a case defending a man who admitted to taking women’s photos in a restroom without their consent, Free Press Houston received an email from Vito Cammisano, who had been in Houston to talk to the local trans community about HERO’s defeat.

While here, Cammisano helped produce a video featuring members of our trans community and their feelings about HERO being defeated. They wanted to share their message that “It’s not about the bathroom, it’s about…”

“It’s about being able to not be afraid of your landlord  evicting you for being trans.”

“It’s about the fact that I got harassed after coming out as transgendered at my job.”

“It’s about knowing that you’ll get the medical care that you’ll need without your information being shared.”

“It’s about the ability for us to live our lives safely and without fear.”

“It’s about realizing that we all deserve respect.”