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Texas’ Jack Thweatt Debuts Pop Heavy Jam

Texas’ Jack Thweatt Debuts Pop Heavy Jam
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Jack Thweatt. Photo: Courtesy of Artist


The greatest part of writing about music is that if you’re honest with yourself, then you’ll keep your ears open to what falls outside your usual circle of taste.  Though I’m a big punk rock and indie rock guy, I have a soft spot for pop music, whether it be electro pop or just a catchy hook, there’s something about a song that sticks in your head that I always seem to find endearing.  Through different artists I get to hear and see new acts, and how I was introduced to Jack Thweatt.  The Texas-based singer-songwriter was introduced to me by Josh from Houston’s Catch Fever, and after hearing his upcoming album, You Take Me Back, I felt like the songs where something everyone needed to hear.  On this debut single “Sunday,” found exclusively here, Thweatt takes the singer songwriter role to a whole new level while making the song so catchy that you can’t get it out of your head.



Thweatt utilizes short piano stabs with his pop-induced vocal styles alongside all things catchy to start the track off. By the time the first verse is over, the use of organ and snappy drums should have already pulled you in.  The song’s pace and structure never deter from the pop style he incorporates, which by the time the chorus comes in, you should be along for the ride that the song creates.  There’s plenty of hooks from the vocals, the piano, and the way that the song is written that you’re reminded of the likes of David Gray and Jack Johnson.  What you’re left with is a song that serves its purpose, in that you can’t help but listen to it again and again.


Keep an eye out for Jack Thweatt as songs of this catchy caliber could mean that he’s a force to be reckoned with.  You can hear the rest of the songs from You Take Me Back when it gets released on all platforms this Friday, September 9th.  You can sing along with Thweatt when he performs his next Houston show, at White Oak Music Hall on October 1st with The Wild Now.