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Top 5 Music Videos of the Week: Run the Jewels, LPX + more

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Every week we do some digging to find new and exciting music videos for our readers. Let’s see what grand and amazing this time around!

5. Dude York — “Tonight”

Sometimes simple videos can more perfectly mirror the message of the song than something more narrative-driven. Director Carlos Lopez proves that admirably in “Tonight” as he guides Dude York through a playful stint in the mall (ask your parents, kids). The whimsical outing is a stellar analogy for the premise of the song, that of a potential romance which fizzled and is then escaped out into the night for carefree memories. Fantastic work.


4. Run The Jewels — “Legend Has It”

I still say the best rap music videos are done by Clipping, but Run the Jewels is definitely a close second. “Legend Has It,” directed by Brian Beletic, is exactly the fine fare we’ve come to expect from the duo. As they rap, they stand in a police line-up full of increasingly ridiculous other options for a crime. It takes a hard right in relevance, though, as nuns and violin-playing schoolgirls are replaced with police. You can guess the ending. No one delivers a punch line with a real message like RTJ.


3. Skating Polly — “Hail Mary”

It’s hard to know what exactly is going on in Dave Smith’s “Hail Mary,” but I love it. Putting on my pretentious art critic kicky beret, it seems to be the story of an abused woman personifying and ultimately destroying the version of herself that will not leave. It’s got great moments of creepy surrealism. I just wish there were more of them as the video leans heavily towards long shots of the band. It works, though, as Peyton Bighorse turns in a hell of a performance as both the woman and her own rocking self.


2. LPX — “Tightrope”

Before this week there were two perfect solo dance performance music videos in the world; Fat Boy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” and Rebekka Karijord’s “Use my Body While it’s Still Young.” Now there is a third. I am not talented enough to describe the dance of Karole Armitage to this song. Just watch.


1. Arthur Moon — “Room”

Content Warning: contains flashing images that may trigger seizures.
Best video of the week hands down goes to “Room,” directed by Nick Lerman and Anna Lin. Best way I can describe this experience is the exact opposite of playing The Unfinished Swan. A woman slowly undoes a mural of a labyrinth, clearly working through a break-up. Sounds simple, but the combination of images in reverse and a killer ass song is most triumphant.