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3DCAMP 2024

3DCAMP 2024
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By David Louis Haydon

Over 400 attendees walked among 3D gadgets, printers and scanners that covered the floor of the Gerald D. Hine College of Architecture building Saturday during 3DCAMP Houston, a one day annual conference that showcases the 3D industry in Houston.

High school students made up the majority of those present, with college kids and professionals in the industry filling the gap.

Dozens of Texas based 3D imaging and 3D printing companies, including TX/RX labs, showcased their wares on tables and stands. Hourly seminars covered medical possibilities, copyright and ethics, oil and gas industry interests, historical documentation and even a panel by Texas based video game developers.

After a successful 2024 conference, founders Dave Morris and Bridgette Mongeon hope to pass on the mantle for event organizers who can handle the logistics to undertake an expo for next year.

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