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 Kyle Nazario
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6 Weird and Amazing Subreddits You Should Be Subscribed To

6 Weird and Amazing Subreddits You Should Be Subscribed To
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Reddit is a wonderful place. It’s full of regular content on books, movies, TV and cats. Everything you’d expect from the front page of the internet.

There are a couple great subreddits you probably haven’t heard of. They’re weird, bizarre and absolutely worth reading. Here are some great ones.


Anyone with even a hint of nostalgia for the ‘90s should love r/comeonandslam, a subreddit dedicated to remixing the Space Jam theme song.

As it turns out, the Space Jam theme mashs perfectly. With everything. You name, it you can remix it. The results are spectacular. Psy, Kansas, Frozen, Rick Astley and Macklemore have all been remixed with the theme. Someone even remixed the Bill Nye theme song with Space Jam’s, which may be the most ‘90s thing ever made.

No joke, I sat there for a good hour listening to these. They’re fantastic.


For everyone who doesn’t take their external drive with pirated movies to work (and can’t get Netflix), there’s r/fullmoviesonyoutube.

The subreddit is exactly what it sounds like. People upload full movies onto YouTube, and you can watch them for free. Quality tends to be a crapshoot, but you don’t have to wait for it to buffer. Everything just works.

The selection is pretty weird as well. It’s mostly obscure films from years back, but every now and then you get something cool like Exit Through the Gift Shopand Memento recut in chronological order.


I can’t put my finger on why r/perfectloops is so fascinating. It’s a subreddit dedicated to GIFs that loop perfectly. You can sit there and watch them forever.


You could file this one with r/comeonandslam, but it’s so awesome it deserves its own entry.

r/thomasthedankengine collects remixes between random songs and the theme from Thomas the Tank Engine. Yes, seriously. While it doesn’t mash as well as the Space Jam theme song, it works well enough to be hilarious. Hearing Childish Gambino’s “Bonfire” put up against the Tank Engine theme alone is worth the price of admission.


Reddit gets weird sometimes. r/peoplewithbirdheads is a subreddit for, you guessed it, pictures of people with bird heads. That’s it. Check out the weirdness over there.


Ggggggggg ggggGggg gg. GGGgggggggg ggg ggggg ggg. Gggggg. GGGGGGgggggGGGGGG. r/ggggg.

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