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The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of May 23, 2024

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MAY 24

Free Press Houston
Food Drive Featuring:
American Sharks / The McKenzies / The Wild Moccasins / News On The March / Audio In The Pregap / Cave Reverend

@ Numbers
(8PM, $8.00, bring canned & non-perishable food)

I'd like to give a pat on the back to Omar and the rest of that those helped organize this. It's a great idea that helps out folks and it's so painless to help out. I mean look at the line up. American Sharks is a band with a Walker twin. I mean what the fuck? Do I need to tell you anything else to sell you on them? I didn't think so! The McKenzies put on one of the most unexpected pop sucker-punches at the last block party and this will be my first chance to see them since then and I'm stoked. The Wild Moccasins' recent Grey Ghost was a thrill (and thankfully did the band more justice than the previous ambient mic affairs on their myspace) but it's still a far ways away from the boisterous energy that this band throws out live. News On the March straddle the line between Pop and Western Swing. For the pop side dig the song Moving Pictures on their myspace it's a sweet slice of 60's pop that would make Brian Wilson proud. Audio in The Pregap do that 80's thing while The Cave Reverend (yes we misspelled it on the poster) actually was around in the 80's. If you were around back then and remember the Reverend's shows at The Axiom you'll know why I'm so happy to know that they are back with their weird mutant bluesy take on Rock and Roll.

A Benefit for Alex Arizpe, featuring
30footFALL / Spain Colored Orange / The Tie That Binds / Pretty Boys / LJ All Stars / Molotov Compromise
@ The Meridian
($10, all ages, 6:30PM)

First off I have to say kudos to Mike and Molly Rodriguez (Link) on such a lovely flyer. Oh my god; is that not the sweetest?!! Sadly it's the kind of benefit we all hate especially because we here in Houston love our drummers; Alex Arzipe is battling cancer and, like many people, is facing not only a dreaded disease but the accompanying medical bills. Thankfully he has some good friends willing to help out. And having friends like the ubiquitous punkers 30 Foot Fall and ubiquitous indie popsters Spain Coloured Orange certainly helps . Sadly Azripe won't be behind the kit of his old band Tie That Binds but it's nice that the band is pulling a reunion despite this. Pretty Boys and LJ Allstars will bring the poppy punk too while Molotov Cocktail will bring the punky ska.

Ume / The Lymbyc Systym / The Sour Notes
@ The Mink (8PM show)

OK so it's NOT a benefit but goddamn it's Ume with one of my favorite guitarists to have ever stepped out of the heat stricken, mosquito swarming, roach infested, pollution chokehold that is Houston. lauren's unique guitar lines alone are worth my club hopping but the matter of the fact is they will have demos of the new album. Did you hear? Demos! Yes, no more having to log onto myspace to get your fix. That demo for Around the Neck for example is the shit! Eric's Bass sounds massive, Jeff's drums are brutal and Lauren's guitar and voice are like total berserker. The band sounds like Conan cutting down the hordes. Austin's Lymbyc System and Sour Notes also play. The latter has a new CD that a friend described as "poppy and bom bom bom kinda".


Friday, May 23

The Murder Junkies/ Los De Verdad / Rats in the Attic / Riot Up Front
@ Walter's on Washington

It's been almost 15 years since the Murder Junkies lost their frontman, the late G.G. Allin when stupidity finally caught up with him, and so bassist and brother Merle Allin rounded up the troops for a reunion tour. I never bought into the whole GG Allin bodily fluids and violence shtick as being anything more than tedious stuff geared toward suburban boys looking for a way to rebel against their bourgeois upbringing. Eh, I shrug. The rest of the local cats bring punk in many flavors. Los De Verdad can do it in Spanish, Rats in the Attic play it fast and without a hint of metal, and Riot Up Front still hold true the old punk idea that all choruses must have a chorus of guys shouting the lyrics!

HotelHotel/P for Flamingos
@ Notsuoh
If you have that stuff that is really mellow then, yeah, Austin's HotelHotel and Houston's P for Flamingos with their ambient soundscapes may be your ticket.

Forever the Sickest Kids/Metro Station/The Cab/The Maine/Danger Radio
@ Warehouse Live
Forever the Sickest Kids reminds me why Texas needs to unilaterally force Dallas to secede from the state. While we're at it let's get the banish the Buzz too, OK?

Saturday, May 24

Guy Forsyth (CD release)
@ McGonigel's Mucky Duck

@ Cactus Music
He's that rare breed - a singer songwriter from Austin. Oh god that joke never gets old.

Secret Saturday Show
Zine Fest Houston
@ The Shady Tavern (1206 W. 20th).
Hooray for SSS saving Zine fest as, for once, I can say it's not like a complete secret. Jeremy Hart has a nice blog about this (Link)

54 Seconds/Antarctica Starts Here
@ Warehouse Live
Antarctica Starts Here is a swirling whirling vortex of chiming guitars and vocals swimming in a sea of echo that are highly highly recommended. Listen to the slow build up to the crescendo on Karen and you'll know what I mean. Oh yeah and there is an Austin band "headlining" - natch.

Sunday, May 25

They, Who Sound
Improvised & experimental music with 2 different sets per night featuring -
The Efferent Flow Quartet - Sonia Flores, David Dove, Doug Falk and John Martinez
Konstantinos Kouzas
@ The Mink Backroom (6PM)
Sunday evening improvised music at The Mink's Backroom.

Infernaeon /Fierce Allegiance /Uncleansed /Hod / Ebonmortis / Funeral Cult
@ The Meridian
Oh it's a metal show. I love that, in the band HOD, all the memebers have the same name "HOD". HOD Play Drums! HOD play guitar! HOD play bass! HOD sing! Take that Joey Ramone!

Bad Ash
@ Notsuoh
Tongue in Cheek punk from Boston that could either be really stupid and fun or really god fucking awful. I figure if there is no middle ground, they have horns, and guitarmonies it's worth mentioning.

Monday, May 26

BLAKE/E/E / Sabra Laval / over sea, under stone
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Don't be annoyed by the annoying name. Chicago's Blake/e/e play some nice engaging indie pop with some clever arrangements and sounds. Local chanteuse Sabra Laval will bring her moody and engaging folk while Over Sea, Under Stone will provide their brand of keyboard-driven new wave.


At May 24, 2024 7:57 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Article, "What's So Green About Discovery Green?"

To think that the local politicians wasted 1.2 million of our tax dollars on this Glitzy dog and pony show is a disgrace. Homeless people used to live in that park. Now you can find them getting ticketed regularly by police officers in the park under the Southwest Freeway. Obviously, Mayor Bill White's only concern is protecting the big developers in Houston.

At May 26, 2024 8:18 AM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Ha, I think you posted on the wrong article. That was Omar's. :)


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