Thursday, May 22, 2024

A Proper Music Preview Tomorrow but tonight - Maiden!

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 4:28 AM

OK, sorry folks we're running a day behind here on our preview. There is a lot going on tonight but what I do takes some time as I search for the bands, listen to a few tracks, and then either scratch 'em off the list or write some attempt at a pithy summary. Simply put, I got slammed this week but check in tomorrow and we'll have a nice proper music preview - I promise.

If you're looking to do something tonight that is music related check out Space City Rock which is always my jumping-off point for this calendar anyhow. (Link)

One thing that will undoubtedly rock tonight is this....

Iron Maiden @ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
(insert Dio metal sign here) OK, I know I bitch about nostalgia acts and all but it's Maiden. Ya know Eddie...The Trooper...Run to the Hills and all that! How can it not rock!


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