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Devil Killing Moth Debuts New Video

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Devil Killing Moth. Photo: Barton Garmon


Houston’s music scene has never been filled with a slew of bands that do things like everyone else in the country, or even the world. Given how eclectic things are, they’re also never boring, which is what makes what’s happening here so special. With one band, Houston’s Devil Killing Moth, there’s an alternative sound to what they’re offering up. While essentially an alterna rock group, the fact that the band performs the bulk of their music acoustically offers a new take on their already unique approach in today’s music climate. When the usually diverse five-piece released their debut A Night In The Life Of… earlier this year, it showcased how simple steps can make an already familiar sound take off in a new direction. One of the standouts from the release, the track “Oscar,” really grabbed my attention as something that almost stands alone. In the video for the song, found exclusively here, you get an insight to how the band recorded the track, thus offering up a new glimpse into how the group operates.



The coolest factor here is that it appears the band recorded in a live group setting, with only the drums being committed to tape from a separate room. The placement of the cameras while each member grooves along to the track just shows how jam-heavy the track is, even for those performing it. The energy the band creates with vocals and a 12 string placed alongside acoustic dobro bass and the drums in the background explains the high energy level of the tracking session. Pair that with percussion and six string acoustic dobro in another tracking room, still being done in a live fashion, and you get a video that displays how energy heavy the band is with everything they do.


The video, directed by RBI Recordings’ Ronald L Jones, clocks in a couple of hairs shy of six minutes gives a glimpse into one of Houston’s more eclectic groups. You can catch Devil Killing Moth live at the Jam For Jessica on October 29 at BFE Rock Club, or at the East End Horror in the wee hours of October 29. If you’d rather trek down to Galveston, you can see them at Gypsy Joynt with Otonana Trio and Houston’s Whit on October 30.