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Dirty & Nasty Debut New Video and Single

Dirty & Nasty Debut New Video and Single
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Dirty & Nasty, Photo: Clyde Grant


When I was coming up, hip hop wasn’t released the way it gets released today.  Most music wasn’t released in the manner it is now, but hip hop, especially, was a single driven genre.  Artists would sit and tour on a single for no less than a year, in fact, some artists never got past singles.  The most common of these was the 12” Maxi-Single.  A 12” vinyl record with a single, and then no less than two or three different versions or remixes of the same track.  It’s a medium that’s been long forgotten by the recording industry, yet still sought after by DJs and true music fans.  However, that exact format is making a comeback through Houston’s Roologic Records, and they’ve decided that their premiere 12” Maxi-Single will be with hip hop artists Dirty & Nasty, as well as debuting a video to coincide with its release.


The track, “Down By Law” taken from the epic album, “Sons Of The Queen” (released earlier this year) showcases the duo’s mix of old school and new world hip hop.  The single, that strays from the usual remix fare where different MCs hop on the tracks, feature remixes from Lucas Gorham and David Williams.  There’s also an acapella version of the song, an instrumental version of the song, alongside clean and dirty versions.  


The video for the song, found exclusively here, is something on a whole new level.  Mixing the themes of films like “Office Space” and “Falling Down,” it’s a visually stunning and different view of the duo.  Aside from acting spots portrayed by members of the Roologic Records family, the video is a visual depiction of the song’s meaning.  Directed by B-Luce from Overgrind Productions, the video begins with a rough day, and ends without anyone being harmed.  
The concepts here aren’t new for the record industry, but they certainly feel fresh in a world where albums and videos are released and fans have to stumble upon them by chance.  By bringing back the maxi-single and doing so with a video attached, fans can interact with a group while gearing up for the single’s release.  The “Down By Law” maxi-single will be released through Roologic Records on September 28th, and will be available digitally in all outlets.  You can catch Dirty & nasty live when they perform at Alley Kat on October 24.