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Saturday , February 1 2024
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Houston Zoo: Conservation Gala



SAVE THE WILD ELEPHANTS!, is not as commonly heard as, say, ‘save the whales/dolphins/sea lions/leftovers’, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need a little protection. Poachers kill elephants for their ivory (their tusks) and leave the rest to rot or be eaten by scavengers. This is endangering these beautiful animals and usually sets me off on a tangent about how animals were here before our roads and buildings and greed and that we need to leave them be, they mind their own business we mind ours. Oh, well, there that is. Back to the topic at hand, the Houston Zoo is hosting the Conservation Gala to raise up to $250,000 to support a range of elephant conservation organizations.

We have Iain Douglas-Hamilton to thank, he was the first to alert the world to the poaching of elephants and bring about the ivory ban. Douglas-Hamilton founded Save the Elephants in 1993, after studying their behavior in Tanzania in the 1960′s and chronicling their population decline int he 1980′s. Today, Douglas-Hamilton continues to work to protect the elephants from poachers, whose trade is at a critical high.

So help save those pleasant pachyderms, make a donation today. If you need a little more convincing, check out the baby elephant playing in the waves video, I guarantee it is less mind numbing than watch Miley Cyrus twerk… again.

What: Conservation Gala

When: October 9

Website: Donate Here

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