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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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The Endurance of Life and Art Represent Mexican Struggles

An artistic expression of images that capture the native perspective of the Mexican war on drugs will begin on Friday, February 1 at Fotofest. Cronicas will feature seven contemporary artists using their art as a voice speaking against the violent and devastating conflict. The exhibit will reference and uncover the decades-long battle,the effect it has on the people of Mexico, and how that, in turn, affects the Houston area due to its proximity to Mexico and the trade of drugs and guns. Jennifer Ward, curator of the exhibit, says, “The drug war has become part of contemporary Mexican life. This artwork reflects this ... Read More »

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Ska Music Unites From Across The Pond

Best described as mathematical, chaotic control with classic ska rhythms and soulful horns, The English Beat is explosive and methodical in their live performance. Audiences will be indulging in the caressing sounds of The Beat with local ska-punk band Always Guilty this Thursday, January 17th at Warehouse Live. Formed in 1978 out of Birminghamin, England, The English Beat quickly rose to stardom for their innovative and progressive cover of Smokey Robinson’s ‘Tears Of A Clown’. With messages of peace, hope and thoughtful insight into social and political subjects, The Beat not only exudes positivity and freedom through their musical performances, ... Read More »

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Hometown Blues Heroes: Luther and The Healers

“The life of a musician is truly a labor of love.”-Luther Rada Dubbed “The Hardest Working Band in Texas,” Luther and the Healers is a homegrown blues band that breathes the essential aspects of blues music. Luther and the Healers is set to perform at the Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club every Thursday night excluding the last Thursday of the month. Established in 1991, Luther and the Healers is Texas Blues at its finest. Their synchronized, swinging piano and guitar chords backed by a classic blues bass line perfectly complements Luther’s raspy lyrical styles. Made up of front man ... Read More »

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FrenetiCore Wants You!

Houston’s FreneticCore is looking for local folks to join their Board of Directors. Looking for a chance to give back to your creative community? This may be just the opportunity for you. FreneticCore is a nonprofit organization with a focus on innovative dance theater productions. The organization offers locals a number of options including dance classes, live performances and the Houston Fringe Festival - a performing arts festival that has been happening annually in Houston’s East End for over five years now. If the performing arts is your passion - or even if just giving back to your creative cohorts is your thing - ... Read More »

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Real Talk with zoologist, Jack Hanna

  By Jacob Calle Before there was Steve Irwin or Jeff Corwin there was Jack Hanna. The man that started my day as a child in the morning with his animal television programs such as “Zoo Life”. Which in fact I still own the “What’s Up Down Under” episode on VHS. He’s a genuine man that is passionate about his field of study. There are people who want to become a lawyer when they grow up and they end up becoming an electrician. Jack Hanna wanted to work with animals and at 66 he is continuing that five year old ... Read More »

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Eclectic Poets Debut at Prize Poets Event

Science and poetry intertwine with this year’s Prize Poets’ selection of writers. Two recipients of poetry’s legendary newcomers award, The Yale Prize for Younger Poets, will be debuted by Houston Public Library and Public Poetry with their annual Prize Poet’s showcase on Saturday January 12th. Fady Joudah won the prestigious award in 2024 with his book The Earth in the Attic, and Katherine Larson won in 2024 with Radial Symmetry. Each poet’s work reflects different aspects of style and theme in their writings. A son of Palestinian refugees, Joudah’s style is more of a narrative, story-telling perspective with themes varying ... Read More »

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‘Aerosol Art’ to Celebrate Freedom and M.L.K. Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. represents the utmost expression and fight for freedom and acceptance for all people; and a celebration seems only fit to pay homage to this legendary rights activist. Like his raw expression of personal liberties, a showcase of urban street art presented by UP Art Studio will give necessary tribute to MLK on Saturday January 12th. When asked why people should come out and support the art presented there, Noah and Elia Quiles responded, “To support local art and potentially gain a new found appreciation for something unexpected.” UP Art Studio is an underground art gallery that ... Read More »

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Ska Times at Continental Club

“Ska! Ska! Ska! Ska!”  Who represents local Houston music better than the high energy ‘Ska Train” known as Los Skarnales? With their mariachi and traditional Mexicana influences along with ska and punk styling, this band is one not to be missed. Joined by Jungle Rockers and Mikey and the Drags, Los Skarnales will be live at The Continental Club this Friday, January 11.  Dressed in suits and fadoras, the members of Los Skarnales usually begin their live shows with an electrifying entrance by these ‘Vatos Rudos.’ Featuring songs such as “Borracho,” “Una y Otra Vez,” “Perdida,” and “All Dressed Up,” ... Read More »

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Hands Across Texas Holds Sandy Hook Memorial Benefit Concert at Papa’s Ice House

Hands across Texas (HAT), an organization dedicated to helping fellow Texan communities with unforeseen life changes, reaches out to those that are in need to provide relief and help rebuild lives of those affected by unfortunate events. Hands Across Texas will join Newtown Youth & Family Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit group, in hosting a Sandy Hook Memorial Benefit Concert Saturday, January 27, from noon to 10pm at Papa’s Ice House in Spring, TX (314 Pruitt Road). Every cent raised by the fundraiser will go directly to the Newtown Youth & Family Services, in consideration of the recent Sandy Hook Elementary ... Read More »

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Ten Years, Man!!!

That’s right, folks. Your beloved Free Press Houston has hit a major milestone:  We’ve got TEN (10) years of publishing under our collective belts now. And we wouldn’t have gotten this far without the support and love that we get from our readers and our community. So, what better way to give a big ‘ol thanks to our hometown and celebrate this festive occasion than to throw a big ass party? We can’t think of one. So come hang out with us, listen to a fantastic lineup of music, partake in some local food and drink, and help us prepare ... Read More »

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