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 Mariam Afshar
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Victorian Funeral Practices Tour and Lecture

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Although I really like the idea of history and learning little bits here and there (Drunk History), I could never bring myself to enjoy the study of it. I love going to history museums, I love finding out how something came about, such as, who decided that eating curdled milk would be a good idea, because it is. I also love cheese.

Well, for all you history lovers and graveyard fanatics, which I know there are some, the National Museum of Funeral History is holding a tour and lecture on Victorian funeral practices. Did you know that a lot of the traditions and terms we practice and use these days, come from this period? One of the lectures will talk about how they used the hair of the deceased to make jewelry and memorialize them. Fun fact, I saw a piece of this jewelry in a vintage shop in Chicago. WEIRD!!
I know the museum is a bit outside the Montrose area, but it should be a cool experience. Think about it, at your next dinner party, when the inevitable topic of Victorian funeral practices comes up, you are set to dominate that conversation!
What: Victorian Funeral Practices Lecture and Tour
When: Thursday November 14 6pm
Where: National Museum of Funeral History
415 Barren Springs Drive
Houston, TX 77090
Admission: $25
Website:  National Museum of Funeral History

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