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Sunday , February 9 2024
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Black Friday. Fuck that Shit.

By Mariam Afshar Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving was once the day when retailers could turn a profit for the year, putting them in ‘the black’. Fast forward 50-ish years and retailers are opening their doors on Thanksgiving night, some as early as 6pm, so basically in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. These choice retailers usually release their Black Friday ... Read More »

Major League Soccer

By Rad Rich What a lot of news in what is going to be a interesting weekend. First off, in Major League Soccer, the  semifinals are this weekend! The Houston Dynamo will take on Sporting Kansas City this Saturday in the eastern Conference Championship match up in Sporting Park in Missouri. Tomorrow is the second leg of their home and ... Read More »

Scum of the Week

I struggle to find a better title to suit this story. Earlier this year the Young Conservatives of Texas’ UT chapter held a controversial bake sale in a misguided effort to show how affirmative action is hurting, rather than helping, minorities because the policy suggest that minorities need the policy to succeed. They sold their baked goods at special prices based on ... Read More »

MFAH Art Crowd Presents: Antonio Berni

Antonio Berni was an Argentinean artist and by age 15, already had his oil paintings displayed in Salon Mari  and by age 20, he was studying art in Europe. He created two fictional characters constructed of trash, machine parts and other discarded objects of everyday life. These fictional characters became the subject of popular legends and folklores. Berni used these fictional characters ... Read More »

Interview with Venomous Maximus

  By William Guess   In today’s music scene, bands like Venomous Maximus are few and far between – especially in Houston.  The brainchild of tattoo artist, voodoo and cult connoisseur, and all around badass Gregg Higgins, the band has been on a steady rise in popularity.   This city hasn’t seen a heavy band like this in years, and Higgins ... Read More »

Blanket Bingo at Market Square Park

It is supposed to be a bit chilly tonight, but don’t let that stop you from having a fun and winning stuff. Market Square Park is hosting their monthly Blanket Bingo tonight. ( Not be confused with the 1965 film Beach Blanket Bingo, because I know you all were). Blanket Bingo is only $10 for 8-9 bingo cards, you can purchase ... Read More »

Victorian Funeral Practices Tour and Lecture

Although I really like the idea of history and learning little bits here and there (Drunk History), I could never bring myself to enjoy the study of it. I love going to history museums, I love finding out how something came about, such as, who decided that eating curdled milk would be a good idea, because it is. I also ... Read More »

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