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Wednesday , December 25 2013
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Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles

112213-sarah-silverman-600-1385133592If I talked like Sarah Silverman does in her stage act people would call me a potty mouth rude person; that is if they were being nice. The thing is when Sarah cracks jokes the expletives and punch lines are like sugar being poured on your funny bone.

Leon casino, Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles, premiering tonight on HBO showcases her talent for twisting the profane and sacred into smiling lips. Shot before an audience of 39 people, which is also played for laughs, at Largo (a comedy club in L.A.) Silverman takes shots at porn, politics, religion, and how guys stoke it.

Silverman also plays guitar and sings and once again in anybody else’s hands the lyrics would be offensive. That’s Silverman’s particular magic: making people laugh at things they probably never thought were funny. Silverman talking outside the theater to some Chicanos in a car brackets the performance. The comedy special will run on and off for the next month.

- Michael Bergeron

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