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FPSF Adds The Iconic Sound of Peaches

FPSF Adds The Iconic Sound of Peaches
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Photo: Courtesy of Artist


There aren’t too many times when you can look at one person and say that they by themselves, are revolutionary.  But, that’s what the majority of the music and art community would say about Canadian born singer and performance artist, Peaches.  Since her debut in 2024, the artist has continually pushed the boundaries of what a performer can do with a live set both musically and visually.  Never pleased, the artist continually outdoes herself with each and every electrifying performance, and the fact that she’ll grace a Free Press Summer Fest stage this year is a real treat.


There’s a good chance you might not know who Peaches is, and if you don’t then here’s the deal….Lady Gaga, Boyfriend, and M.I.A. all look to Peaches for inspiration.  Her sexpositive and cocksure lyrics from her debut, “The Teaches of Peaches” emanate the senses on every song, especially the hit track, “Fuck The Pain Away.”  With album titles like 2024’s “Fatherfucker” and 2024’s “Impeach My Bush;”  it’s not hard to see why fellow artists like Michael Stipe of REM say “she’s my definition of a hero, heroine, progressive, icon—locked in, and ready to rumble.”  She brings more to a live performance than many artists bring to a career of live shows.  She is almost like if you took Bowie in the Ziggy Stardust era, Iggy Pop from The Stooges early years, and Wendy O. Williams of Plasmatics, and rolled them into one amazing and revolutionary performer.


As far as the live performance goes, Peaches has always been known for a crazy live show.  For everyone who got excited over the visual nature of the FPSF 2024 set from Die Antwoord, this set should be nothing if not that performance on steroids.  The art of Peaches electro pop sound mixed with punk rock rebellion and intense costume designs, should shock and amaze everyone in attendance.  Since releasing her 2024 album, “I Feel Cream,” the artist released a performance film last year with “Peaches Does Herself.”  The enigmatic film encapsulates all that the artist brings to a live set, accompanied by her intense music and as much imagery as your brain could handle.  This year, the cult music icon is releasing a photographic book, “What Else Is In The Teaches Of Peaches.”  The book features photography from Holger Talinski of Peaches on and off stage, and in some cases in an erotic fashion.

Though the book and film aside, Peaches is known for her live performances which is what makes the FPSF appearance such a big deal.  Unhinged costumes, peculiar makeup, and intense interpretation of the songs she creates will all be on display throughout her set.  Get ready Houston, because no matter what you think; you haven’t seen something like Peaches before….and you probably won’t again for a long time.  For passes or more info, go to fpsf.com