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Fun Fun Fun Fest Day Three Recap

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Dag Nasty, Photo: Dave Mead


Well, we all know that all good things must come to an end.  And while I could’ve stayed at Fun Fun Fun Fest for another three days, the third and final day has come and gone.  The third day was packed to the gills with entertainment from all sides while some legends and up and comers both took to the stages.


The Outfit, TX, Photo: Pooneh Ghana

I started off over at The Outfit, TX show, for a million reasons other than the fact that I’ve had tons of people tell me to catch them live.  All of those people were correct in suggesting the trio.  When you watch the hip hop these three bring out to fans, you realize that they really live to entertain.  From the start of their set to the finish, they came with a vengeance at delivered on track after track.  I followed that up with a crazed set from Dallas metal act, Power Trip.  These guys were like watching prize fighters in a ring with thrash metal blaring in the background.  I’d never seen them before, but I definitely witnessed other musicians I know headbanging with almost as much intensity as the band.  After that I caught producer, Lido at the suggestion of Houston’s android genius.  Lido played keys, he played electronic drums, and he got down like this was his last show.  For over thirty minutes he played deep electronica with ease while getting everyone in the crowd’s feet moving for the bulk of his set.  After that I decided to make it over to the comedy tent to watch a set from Eric Andre who didn’t upset by any means.  telling jokes about things from over five years ago alongside jokes about broken English, Andre was better than watching his show which sounds impossible to believe.  He was followed up with a set from Todd Barry, who I only watched about five minutes of so I could cover more of the fest.  However those five minutes were as top notch as any other time I’ve seen him.


OFF!, Photo: Greg Giannukos

I caught the tail end of Grifters, then made sure to watch a DJ set from the legendary Afrika Bambaataa.  The man who helped invent rap music was very giving with his selection of jams as well as how he was with the audience by inviting people from the crowd up to dance while he performed.  After that, I caught the always energetic sounds of OFF!.  Like every time I’ve seen them, Keith Morris and company didn’t let up as they tore threw their better known tracks as well as some new tunes.  I then watched half of the Doomtree set, and as always they were impressive.  They had a much larger crowd than they did when I saw them in Houston, and they had more energy as well.  I had a schedule to see Big Freedia and Chain of Strength, but instead I caught a bit of Growlers and then made my way across the festival grounds to catch the punk of Dag Nasty.  These guys were one of the many acts that I felt like I’d be an idiot if I missed, and my feelings were correct.  They played the bulk of their older material, and they were really top notch from the beginning of their set to the end.



L7, Photo: Greg Giannukos

After that experience I watched about twenty minutes of MSTRKRFT, and then about fifteen minutes of Chromeo, as well as about five minutes of Andrew Jackson Jihad.  However, I made my way to see the legendary sounds of L7.  They sounded better than when I caught them twenty years ago, and they had more of a stage presence too.  It was really cool to watch those in the crowd sing every note while head banging throughout their set.  After that, I stuck around to catch the metal and insanity of Venom.  I was seriously blown away by how fast, how furious, and how tight these guys played.  I mean, they’ve been around since the late seventies, yet they played like a brand new band with all of the crunch and double bass drums you’d expect from them.  They even went so far as to pay tribute to Texas metal act Pantera, as well as pay homage to DimeBag Darrell.  



Odesza, Photo: Reagan Hackleman

On my way out I watched a song from Odesza, as well as one of many covers from Ms. Lauryn Hill before saying my goodbyes to those I met and had already known.  


Venom, Photo: Greg Giannukos
All in all, the higher ups at Transmission Events, who put the festival on went above and beyond in hospitality and organization in making the tenth anniversary of the festival a memorable one.  Everything from the festival’s lineup to the festival’s layout was done with the attendee in mind, and like always, it was one for the record books.