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Getting To Know The FPSF Locals: Kult Dizney

Getting To Know The FPSF Locals: Kult Dizney
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Photo: Courtesy of Artist


Of all the bands that will be performing on this year’s Free Press Summer Festival, there will more than likely be some acts that many people are unaware of.  I actually love this aspect because it allows attendees to discover bands that they were previously unaware of.  For the touring acts, this isn’t strange.  However, for the locals; I would be willing to bet there’s at least one that no one really knew about.  That band is Kult Dizney.  The group, made up of producing all stars Chase DeMaster of Deep Cuts, Children Of Pop, Guess Genes, and Get A Life alongside Noah of Josiah Gabriel and MKE, will bring their sound to life.  You’ve possibly never heard of them because they haven’t played a whole bunch, but their intensity from what I’ve heard is immense which makes them one of the best acts to discover.  FPH sat down with Chase for a full rundown of what will be in-store from the band.


FPH:  What is Kult Dizney?  Can you describe the kind of music you two make?

Kult Dizney:  Making music is too much fun, and it really helps keeps the wheels moving when people like you care what we are working on. Thank you for your energy our way.  I like to think of Kult Dizney as an OVO future house sound. We get pretty future and with some commentary from the deep house sect, and we sing w feels.


FPH:  Knowing that it’s Noah of Josiah Gabriel and MKE as well as Chase of Deep Cuts, Children Of pop, Guess Genes, and Get A Life, how do two guys who have more than enough going on get together to form another act?

Kult Dizney:  The music is the easy part for this project. We feel inspired and creative everyday. And with our friend Gabriel Lopez we work on music all day everyday. The taxing part is the booking, promoting, budgeting, rehearsing, and performing aspect to it.


FPH:  The thought of two very hot producers here in Houston working together is a little amazing, how many songs do you guys have?  Will there be a Kult Dizney release in the near future?

Kult Dizney:  Well first, thank you David for saying that. Yeah, Noah is great. A fantastic producer who is very inspiring to be around. We are sitting at about 4-5 tracks we are vibing with between 50-90 percent complete. I am definitely thinking EP or full length. We work so quickly I don’t see that being too far in the future. We really need someone who can wield emails working in our corner before we release anything the way we want to.


FPH:  The two of you bring very different sounds to the table, how has it been meshing your two different sounds together on a new project?

Kult Dizney:  It has been very easy. We seem to bend to each others ideas pretty naturally. We have both worked with enough people to know our strengths and how to bring out the best in each other musically. I think we tend to want to say the same thing. With Kult Dizney being our launchpad for a commentary on lack of innocence and commercialism driven by a mix of romantic apathy and ambition, we have a pretty defined destination we are striving for.


FPH:  I know that each of you has played the festival before with other acts, are you excited to bring this project to life in front of such a large crowd?  Are you nervous for it to debut at such a big event?

Kult Dizney:  We are both very jazzed on it. We love performing and we love the crowd. It will definitely be a moment to remember. I think we will be the most rad stage for what we are working on too. The germ of the idea for this project was to be in the festival circuit. We have both made music for club, headphones, house part… we wanted to make something that would translate outside in the festival vibe.



FPH:  Electronic music is often performed in the evening, what do you two have planned to blow away the FPSF crowd for a daytime set?

Kult Dizney:  I think people at festivals are looking to be blown away. As soon as they buy those tickets, they tell themselves, “THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE MY LIFE!!!”. As long as we are in the moment and are pure with our intentions, I believe that will be reciprocated from the crowd.


In hopes that these guys change someone’s life, it feels like a project between three pretty prolific artists in their own right might be worth discovering at the festival.  The duo will be spending most of April on the road with Children of Pop before settling back in town for the festival; meaning they’ll be known outside of town before they’re known here.  But from what it sounds like, we will all hear plenty from Kult Dizney for years to come.