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H-Town Chili Throw Down - ANYTHING GOES

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by Mills McCoin

When Texans combine two of our favorite things- fierce competition and chili- a certain spicy nirvana erupts and takes hold of the appetites of everyone in attendance. So if you think your chili recipe is the best around then come put it to the test this Saturday, January 28th, at Onion Creek Coffeehouse Bar Lounge (3106 White Oak) for the H-Town Chili Throwdown.  There’s a vote for the People’s Choice Award and the Grand Prize winner takes home $500.  Do you know how much ground beef you can buy for $500?  A great many pounds.   You don’t have to cook by yourself but you do need to register you or your team at Onion Creek.  The entry fee is $35 per Throwdown team.  For the Grand Prize, each team’s chili will be judged by a panel of six unsavory judges: Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Councilman Ed Gonzalez, Avi Katz of Katz Coffee, John DeMers of Delicious Mischief, Chef Jamie Zelko and Waverly Nolley. Tickets to the H-Town Chili Throwdown are $25 and include a Throwdown t-shirt, a pint of beer, a People’s Choice vote and, of course, a big bowl for chili tastin’.  So come on down to Onion Creek this Saturday to enjoy some cold Karbach Brewing and St. Arnold’s Beers.  There will be live music by DJ Cisco, Texas Gold and Sprint ‘Em Races. Think of this event as… Pre-Rodeo Training Camp.  I love Texas… and chili.

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