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Watch the RUPD Bike Theft Video

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By Raquel Perez

The story of the RUPD beating of Ivan Joe Waller, 37, has been building pressure since CNN released the video 11 days ago.

Last August, Waller stole a bait bike with a GPS from Rice University, set up by the Rice University Police Department. Upon being caught by RUPD, Waller was searched for weapons and physically forced on the ground in an attempt to be arrested. According to RUPD, his non-compliance is what forced them to follow standard protocol and use batons to strike him.

Amidst agonized yells, one can hear the apprehending officer shout “Stop moving! Stop moving! Can you please stop resisting?” to which Waller responds “I ain’t resisting!”

Activist Drew Winter wrote more on this in our last issue, which you can read here.

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