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Kose Debuts New Video Saturated in Montrose

Kose Debuts New Video Saturated in Montrose
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Kose, Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Facebook


Sometimes bands can exist without much of an image out in the world, because their music speaks for itself.  Though is as usually the case in today’s music industry, even if your music’s top notch, having a representation of who you are as a band never hurts.  When you hear a band like Houston two piece Kose, you should immediately get who they are and what they’re about.  Unapologetic, loud, fuzzy, and fun are what came to mind when I first heard them.  However when I first saw the two play together, I didn’t know what to say.  They have an incredible amount of onstage energy when they play a live set, and they almost seem to feed off of one another.  Anyone who’s seen them can attest to this, as they’re like that band that you could see at a house party, as well as at a festival; and they’d fit in either space.  When FPH found out that they had a video from last year’s self-titled album, “Kose,” we were more than delighted to debut it to the masses.


Like most of the songs from these two, the drums and guitar come together like a car crash of the senses.  The way in which Kira pops a kit coupled with the muddy fuzz that Jose pushes out of his amplifier is pretty amazing.  The often scream fueled chorus’ that emanates while the two jam along has always felt like more than just two people.  The video for “Noisy Couch,” found exclusively here, gives anyone who’s unfamiliar with the band what I’d think should come to mind when you hear their music.  Two people playing in slow motion while performing at what appears to be a typical Montrose house party is the vibe the video gives off.

Produced by Anna Tran and shot and edited by Luke McKibben of Lukrative Visual Products, the video features guest spots from many artists from around the inner city.  Madison of Whit, Jonathan of Pitter Patter, Suzan of Say Girl Say, and Darcy Rosenberger are just a few of those who appear in the video that clocks in at a little over the four minute mark.  Things end with the entire residence getting down while the band performs live, which is pretty close to how things go when they play a show.  After watching the video, you have no reason to not go see the two, as they add an image to an already great sounding band that could easily get by on their sound alone.

  • Mary McCall

    Photo by: Alex Barber Visible in Light
    Great job Kosé, y’all are my favorite babelicious rockers.