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Mark Drew Debuts New Single: “Paid Forever”

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Photo: Michael Starghill


Right now, it feels like Houston’s music scene is on the rise.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, there are tons of artists working hard to keep their names out in the public’s mind as well as hustling to continue creating art.  One thing that most people don’t know, as that when an artist drops an album, usually the songs have been around a while.  So when Houston rapper and producer Mark Drew told me he was getting ready to drop a new single, I wasn’t surprised.


For those of you who don’t know Drew, he released a full length album late last year called, “Sleepwalking Through Reality.”  While it was definitely next level material where he mixed together old school hip hop with new school and varying genres, the songs had been around a while when it came out, and he was ready to craft new tunes.  Like most strong artists on the verge, Drew almost immediately started work on new material, he nabbed producer birdmagic as his new DJ, and has since started work on the follow up to the full length from last year.  The first single, “Paid Forever” found here, is a mix of Drew’s past with hints of more future beats and the feeling of that fun “Summertime” jam.

According to Drew, the track is about anyone who has put themselves in the position of always getting paid.  Whether it’s working several jobs or working on several projects, staying paid is always preferred.  The catchy and upbeat song definitely has the feel of something you would hear thumping from the windows around town while rolling through the city in the hot Summer nights.  Though Drew produced the track, he tapped pal Guilla to drop some backing vocals and enlisted SugarHill mastering genius, Chris Longwood to master the song.  Like all things Drew does, it’s definitely all Houston, and makes us all wait in anticipation of the full length follow up he has in the works.