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Merel and Tony Release Video as Diverse as Their Sound

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Merel and Tony. Photo: Ralph Elliott


I would hope that most people were like me in that finding new music is a treasure.  In this search for sounds that I haven’t heard, I sometimes stumble across music that’s difficult to listen to, and sometimes I find gems that shine brighter than what the mainstream calls amazing.  Houston’s Merel and Tony are the latter.  Eclectic and beautiful, pairing together sounds you’ve heard before but in new and inventive ways, the group takes elements of post rock, post punk, and indie rock and adds orchestral rock elements by seemingly crafting how each note hits to create a sound that’s like no one else on their new release Merel & Tony with The Woe Woe Woes.  When you take that kind of time for a song, it’s only fitting that your videos would be just as different.  Though the video for “The Shame” was released over the weekend, it’s one everyone needs to see to experience the diversity in everything this group does.



Produced by the team at Dinolion, the narrative feels like that of one artist attempting to visually define another. While the band performs the song live in the video, another visual artist attempts to tell the tale that the band is playing, and thus creating imagery that’s as diverse and fascinating as the music being performed.  The end result is a beautiful mixture of humanity coming forth from the visual artist in reaction to the beauty he hears while light and dark accentuate the group throughout their emotional presentation.


There’s so much energy, emotion, and depth from what Merel and Tony do that it’s only fitting to have a video that portrays their music in the same way.  You can see that energy for yourself when Merel and Tony with The Woe Woe Woes perform Walt’s Famous House Party this Saturday, April 8.  The party has more information here, and you can also pick up the band’s stellar new release Merel & Tony with The Woe Woe Woes.  There are performances from multiple artists at the event that gets going around 9 pm with music beginning at 10:30 pm.