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 David Garrick
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What Goes Boom: The Best of The Weekend

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By David H
Photo By Mark Armes

So far, 2024 has gotten off to a strong start.  We’ve had a healthy mix of local talent, comedy, and touring acts in regular rotation.  It shouldn’t surprise you that this weekend, is definitely no different.  You can see some legends, some comedy, and even some of the next big things if you’re a good planner.  Here’s what your future plans should be.


Thursday night, you can see what all the fuss has been about, when Pixies make their return to the Bayou City, ironically at Bayou Music Center.  Complete with new bassist Paz Lenchantin, the band makes it back before we got to see their previous replacement for founding member, Kim Deal.  If you’ve been living under a rock, there wouldn’t be a Nirvana, a Radiohead, or a majority of most indie rock bands today, without Pixies.  Their Surfer Rosa album is a must own for pretty much anyone who likes modern music today.  Recently, two EP’s of new material have been released to mixed reviews.  Though legends in their own right, the tickets are not inexpensive, falling between $59.00 and $70.00.  The pop duo Best Coast gets the evening started at 8:00.


Also on Thursday, you can catch some earnest rock n’ roll from one of the most energetic acts from the nineties, when Local H makes their way over to Scout Bar in Clear Lake.  I saw Local H back when they were on a major label and since then with them on an independent, and the show is the same.  Energetic, straightforward, and loud; they really bring their “A Game” when they perform.  I promise that it’s worth the drive and the paltry $12.00 ticket, even if you are there just to see what the world outside the loop looks like.  Local ear bleeders We Were Wolves are actually playing all three Texas dates with the band, which includes the show in Clear Lake.  But, don’t be shocked if Scout Bar puts a mismatched opener on as well.  Doors are at 7:00


The phrase living legend should never be used lightly, but on Friday you can see one at Fitzgerald’s.  Roky Erickson & The Hounds of Baskerville will grace our city in support of The Black Angels.  You should know Roky by Texas music lore, or just from the fact that he’s the grandfather of psychedelic rock.  His band, The 13th Floor Elevators inspired such acts like Janis Joplin, The Allman Brothers Band, and pretty much every psych band since.  Roky is getting up in age, and sadly; this might be one of the last chances you’ll have to see him perform.  This is not to say that catching The Black Angels would be bad either.  their trippy acid based blues sound is almost as good as it gets.  The Doors inspired sounds of Brooklyn’s Golden Animals start off the evening, with an 8:00 door time.  Tickets range between $20.00 and $24.00, depending on when you buy them.


Also on Friday, if you’re feeling nostalgic and you have an extra wad of cash; you can venture out to Dosey Doe Coffee to see Herman’s Hermits.  You have to really want to see them, as tickets range from $118.00 for obstructed view, to $178.00 for whatever premium seats are.  The prices include a three course meal, that I would hope is as premium as the price.  Original singer, Peter Noone will be singing for the band, and dinner is served between 6:00 and 7:30.


Your Saturday can only be complete, with a stop off at Warehouse Live for The Tontons album release party.  There’s a good chance that this will be one of your last chances to say you saw the band in their infancy, without being a liar. The magical and pop based sounds of Austin’s The Octopus Project, will join in alongside local favorites Buxton as well.  New Orleans’ Freddy Beach will get things started with tickets falling between $10.00 and $20.00; the latter includes a copy of the new Tontons album.  The doors open at 8:00 and the show is an all ages event.


Of course, also on Saturday, your weekend could also be completed with a trip over to Beta Theater for The Stars Are Space Heaters show.  Hosted by Brian Zeolla, and featuring Antoine Culbreath; you can catch the hilarious comedic stylings of Josh Brokaw as he headlines this “pay what you can” evening.  The comedy begins at 8:00 so get there early and be ready to laugh, as I’m sure you’ll have laughing pains from this BYOB event.


Sunday, you can make your way over to House of Blues to catch the Celtic punk sounds of Dropkick Murphys.  For anyone who ever wondered what would happen if The Pogues and Stiff Little Fingers were mixed, Dropkick Murphys would be your answer.  Touring in support of last year’s Signed and Sealed in Blood, this should be a good show for anyone who’s a fan of the band.  For some reason, the Southern sounds of Memphis’ Lucero are also on the bill, with the appropriately paired Skinny Lister as openers.  The tickets range between $28.00 and $38.00, and the doors open at 6:30; while the show starts at 7:30 for those of you with a curfew.


Your options are definitely varied this week and full of possibilities.  Depending on your interests, you might have a difficult decision to make on each night.  With the mix of locals and legends as well as comedians this is just another great weekend to be in Houston.


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