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Patios You Should Visit This Weekend

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By Mariam Afshar

The weather this weekend will be wonderful, sunny and in the 70s. We all know how temperamental Houston weather is and with talks or a second polar vortex, get your outside sun time while you can.

It isn’t hard to find something to do in Houston and it certainly isn’t hard to find something to do outdoors. There are the bike paths that the city has been creating, though I heard they aren’t that safe, you can picnic and play at one of the many parks around town, read a book on the Menil lawn or sit at one of the gorgeous patios attached to some pretty good restaurants. Here is a list of the best patios, in my opinion. Take it or leave it, but do something that gets you out of a building! So, in no particular order:
Boheme. Their large patio wraps around the whole building and then some. They have ample seating whether you are a party of two or a party of 8, there is room for your whole party to sit together. They also have something that most patios don’t have, a bar outside. A full stocked bar outside. Their one downfall is that there isn’t refuge from the rain, though you shouldn’t have to worry about that this weekend. I recommend the Bangkok Fries for eats.
Alabama Ice House. That place is all patio. There are picnic tables for you to sit and play a game or twelve of dominoes. Parts are covered and there is so much shade, for those of you who burn easy. You can also play a of basketball, just be aware of other patrons’ drinks. There is also the delicious taco truck, Tacos Tierra Caliente, just across the street, which means you can sit there through lunch until dinner time This bar is for you beer and wine drinkers, no liquor served here.
Royal Oak. Though most of the time, the clientele isn’t ideal, it still has pretty nice patios. The full bar is inside with drink specials for both Saturday and Sunday. They also have a varied and delicious brunch menu. For you night owls, they have reverse happy hour on Sunday starting at 10pm, but you should definitely enjoy the sun on their patio. There is also some pretty good people watching in those parts.
Poison Girl. Yes, their patio is small, but that is what I like about it. It is intimate, they really can squeeze too many people on it, so it makes conversations easy. No yelling necessary. I don’t have a specific food recommendation for that area, but there is Brasils. You can also take selfies with the Kool-AId guy and a Cabbage Patch Doll. The bar is fully stocked and you can get little candies from the cups, but leave some butterscotch candy for me.
Boneyard. You can totally take your dog with you! Seriously. Not, take your dog and tie it to your chair. Take your dog and let it roam free, make friends, hump other dogs, all while you enjoy a nice beer or sip some wine. They usually have a food truck, so you can certainly spend so much time there!
Lets not forget the honorable mention, the Grand Prize Bar patio. They had such an awesome patio. They still have the balcony upstairs, but it just isn’t the same. Lets take a moment to mourn the loss.
There you have it. Go to one or all of these places, get some vitamin D and love life in Houston!