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The Herbal List — Events for the Week

The Herbal List — Events for the Week
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How about this weather, huh? It’s enough to make you glad to be alive. Here are the editor’s picks for goings on around town this week — unless David Garrick beat me to it on his list.

But first — KTRU is back on FM! And they’re having a concert today (Thursday) to celebrate. I’ve always thought that KTRU was one of the best things about this town, and then it was taken away, and then it reappeared on HDFM so I bought an HD receiver for my car, and now that’s superfluous, woo! Tune in right now to 96.1 FM — all you hear is static? That means it’s working! (Ok, let’s be realistic — tune in at KTRU.org, where it has always been accessible.) (I’m trying not to say anything about lame Rice University who sold their students’ station to UH without even asking the students, and lame UH who bought it so they could have TWO NPR stations, not programmed by students, and ended up putting the second up for sale after all-but destroying KTRU. Laaaaaame.)

If you’re in the mood for eye candy, stop by the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, at the George R. Brown Convention Center all weekend. DO NOT pay to get in — there’s free tickets available at every art space in town and some even let you download them for free. And don’t expect any serious nourishment in the way of raw emotion or big ideas — this is where you go to buy safe “art” to match your drapes, not to have your worldview challenged. Pass the wine and cheese, eh?

Thursday, October 1

Mid-Main First Thursday — Could there be a more perfect day for this outdoor monthly? No, there could not. You’ll be glad you went. 6 pm, Main @ Alabama.

Bridging Cultures: Poetic Voices of the Muslim World — Syrian slam poet Mohja Kahf will turn it out at the central branch of the Houston Public Library. 6 pm.

KTRU is back concert — see above. 7:30 pm.

Houston Film Commission’s First Thursdays — Short films shot in Houston. Cafe Brasil, 8-10 pm.

W. Kamau Bell in Support of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance — Bell is not just another hilarious stand up comic, he’s also an important socio-political thinker. This is a free show at TSU, sponsored by the TSU Young Democrats, but you have to RSVP at that link. 8 pm @ TSU.

Music Events — Check out David Garrick’s list. If I had my way, I’d go see Beach House at House of Blues and then Maseo from De La Soul is playing records for free at the Flat. There is also free zydeco at Discovery Green.

Friday, October 2

It’s been a long week, plus you went hard on Thursday. Everybody is worn out. Saturday is a busy day. Get some rest.

Or don’t — check out We Do it For the Love — Sasha Braverman and Henry Chow’s monthly techno party at the Alley Kat. These guys don’t quit!

Grand Budapest Hotel is showing at Discovery Green to celebrate Houston filmmaker Wes Anderson. There will be trivia sponsored by the Houston Film Commission and other fun stuff. 6:45 pm.

Gallery Homeland will be hosting a jazz performance that sounds pretty rad. Tonal Masher / Zachary James Watckins / Aram Shelton & Damon Smith duo. 2024 Commerce (around the back, on the Franklin side). 8 pm.

Rosemary’s Baby is the midnight movie at the River Oaks theater both Friday and Saturday nights.

Saturday, October 3

Grand Opening of Buffalo Bayou Park! — Activities, hella activities for the whole family. Nuff said. 1:30 - 9:30 pm.

LibroFest — Celebrating Latino Literature, Culture in the Bayou City, and our Hispanic Heritage Heroes at the main branch of the Houston Public Library. Our friends from Voices Breaking Boundaries will be on hand with a bunch of other cool stuff. 10 - 4 pm.

First Saturdays - Montrose — Doc’s Grill and Royal Oak on Westheimer team up to bring a monthly street festival, featuring Free Press Houston’s Blake Jones and friends selling original prints, posters, stickers, and t-shirts. There’s food and music, too, starting at noon.

Debtfair Talk at Art League Houston — Debtfair is a group of artists who work collectively under one name. They have a show coming up in November at the Art League, and on Saturday they will take part in a group discussion about that upcoming exhibition, as well as artists’ place in this capitalist economy. 12-4 pm.

Praia Urbana — This is one of the most fun, longest-going house music party series in all of Texas. Saturday is their season closer. Why do they insist on closing their season when the weather is JUST getting good for outdoor parties, I have no idea, but it really is a great scene — I love outdoor daytime dance parties. Last Concert Cafe, 2-11 pm.

Benefit Concert for Elephants and Rhinos — We have a whole story on this, but that story doesn’t mention that SPACE VILLAINS  are playing. Khon’s at 6 pm.

Performing Asia: Sun’s Resolution with DJ SUN — Who doesn’t love DJ Sun? What a guy! Andre will be giving a talk about his heritage at the Asia Society, 9 pm. (LOVE that guy.)


Sunday, October 4


Sunday Streets — Unlike the folks at Praia Urbana, the planners at the City of Houston understand that this is the time to start your outdoor season, not to end it. This season’s first Sunday street closure will be along upper Washington — the part of Washington by the Westcott traffic circle. Put on your roller blades and your headband and go for a roll.
Wishing Well — A dance performance inspired by, in dialog with, and taking place at the Orange Show. Pay what you can. Performances at 2 & 7 pm. Great way to watch the sun set on a gorgeous weekend.


Monday, October 5


Can I just repeat what I wrote last week? Mondays are great for jazz in this town, and the Flat is a great place to get a nightcap after all that jazz.
This is what I wrote for last Monday, and it still applies:

They, Who Sound at Avant Garden, 7:30-9:30 pm. “They, Who Sound is a weekly series in Houston for experimental sound-making, improvised music, free jazz, noise, noises, electro-acoustics, psychedelia, field recordings, the recitation of words, the reading of words, the projection of light, ?, improvised dance, performed behavior, the performance of art, and the recitation of phonemes.”

Monday Night Jazz Jam — It’s not at Phil and Derek’s anymore. And it’s long since gone from Smitty’s (which doesn’t even exist, itself, anymore). I’m not telling where it’s at, because that’s my little private retreat, but if you can figure out where it is feel free to buy me a beer. Cheers!


Tuesday, October 6


Since Monday is the new Thursday, Tuesday is the new Monday. Give your dog some attention. Go grocery shopping and cook enough stew for the week. (Save me some!)
Or stop by Tranquility Park for the four-year anniversary of Occupy Houston. What’s that? You think Occupy was a dumb lame thing that didn’t accomplish anything because it didn’t overthrow this corrupt, capitalist system? I beg to differ — Occupy forced North Americans to pay attention to the wealth gap and growing income inequality, and the proof of this is that everybody the world over knows what is meant when someone says “the 1%” or “the 99%.” Connections were made, careers were launched, and much dialog was had (and continues being had). The success of Occupy can be seen even in the language used by its critics, the promoters of capitalism, as you’ll see so many sales (for cars, for housewares, for whatever) advertised as “Occupy Bake Sale” and whatnot.


Wednesday, October 7


I have been meaning to check out the Circus Arts meetup at Discovery Green, Wednesdays, 5:30 - 7 pm. This is probably not the week I’ll do it, but don’t let that stop you.