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Twilight Galaxy: The Best of The Week

Twilight Galaxy: The Best of The Week
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Metric, Photo: Dan Hess


Well, the first of two big festivals that will close out 2024 in our city will be in town this weekend.  Acts like Metric, pictured above will be gracing a stage at Houston Whatever Fest while there’s more than enough around that happening as well.  Houston, here’s where to spend your next seven days.


Wednesday you can head to MKT Bar to see if photographer Trish Badger can DJ while you check out her pics of tons of bands that grace the walls.  While you’re there you can also grab a print of one of those pics on the all ages show that starts at 7:00 and runs until 10:00.  As always these events are 100% FREE.


If that’s not your thing, then you could make your way over to Rudyard’s for the dance punk of LA three piece, Moving Units.  Though they’ve only been around since 2024, these guys have made every critic’s top ten lists and gained a nice fan base along the way.  Their latest release was a single last year called, “The World Is Ours,” while their last full length was in 2024 with “Neurotic Exotic.”  The indie rock jams of Houston’s Rose Ette will be there as direct support and to drop a six song cassette as well.  I feel like you’ve been doing Houston incorrectly if you haven’t seen this band yet, and their two song release earlier last month, “Jungle” is pretty damn great.  The jazzy sounds of El Paso’s Hope Riot will be there to open the 21 & up show with doors at 8:00 and a $12.00 cover.


Warehouse Live will host the indie rock meets country rock of Indiana’s Houndmouth over in the ballroom.  Though only around for less than five years, this four piece has gained a ton of attention while becoming known for a pretty impressive live show.  Their most recent album, this year’s “Little Neon Limelight” is a s catchy as it is impressive, with throwback sounds that make for quite the sound,  The ever growing popular four piece, Brooklyn’s Howard will bring their electro pop rock to life as openers.  This year they dropped a full length called “Religion” that has the music world buzzing, and they should bring a solid live show with them as well.  the all ages show has doors at 8:00 and tickets between $20.00 and $22.00.


Justin Bieber, Photo: Courtesy of Def Jam

On Thursday I’d think that most of you were heading to Toyota Center to catch the pop of Justin Bieber.  So, I have a secret obsession with pop music, and I’d be lying if I said that Bieber hadn’t been dropping some fire lately.  Whether it’s the Jack U made single, “Where Are U Now,” of his own “What Do You Mean?,” he’s definitely proving that a kid can grow his sound.  However, this isn’t really a live show as much as the premiere of the short film, “Purpose: The Meaning.”  There’s a Q&A with Bieber and some guest appearances with doors at 5:00 and tickets between $18.00 and $22.00, the latter including the “Purpose” album.


Of course, you might want to make it over to House of Blues for the second wave emo of Philly’s Circa Survive.  Touring in support of the reissued tenth anniversary of their album, “Juturna,” this five piece has always brought plenty of energy when they perform.  The prog rock of California’s RX Bandits will be on as direct support, while the chunky indie rock of the midwest five piece Citizen will be there to open things up.  I’d suggest getting there early to check out Citizen, as their new album, “Everybody Is Going To Heaven” is pretty impressive.  The all ages show has doors at 7:00 and tickets between $22.00 and $25.00.


But if you’d rather laugh till’ it hurts, then you could head to Improv to catch the Couples Therapy show with Alan Adams.  That’s right, if you need couples therapy, then this isn’t the show for you.  If you want to laugh at one of Houston’s funniest comics though, then you’ll be in the right place.  Adams is easily one of the best joke writers I’ve ever seen, and his jokes about relationships are hard to beat.  The 18 & up show has doors at 7:15 and tickets are $10.00.


If for some reason you missed the trippy electronica duo Phytosophie & The Invisible Man last week, then you have another shot at Notsuoh.  The two piece will be performing songs from their new album, “Otto” and this might be your last chance to catch them before Phytosophie Returns to France.  The show is more than likely 18 & up, things start at 8:00 and it’s FREE.


Alley Kat will have the proggy rock of Houston’s Sunrise and Ammunition.  Though it’s about time for a new album from these guys, their 2024 release “Tesseract” still holds up.  The punk of Pittsburgh’s edhochuli will be on the bill as well, while they play tunes from their latest release, “Dream Warriors.”  The hardcore doom of San Antonio’s No Gods will also be on the bill, while Houston’s Dadsmom will bring the jammy noise to the show as openers.  Their latest release, “Dang!” sounds like the album I always wanted to hear from Tomahawk.  The doors are at 8:00, the show is 21 & up, and the cover is a measly $5.00.


You could also get your country on, when The Broken Spokes invade the space over at Big Top.  If you somehow missed their 2024 album, “Raw Deal,” then you’re missing one of the last bastions of pure country twang.  The 21 & up show has doors at 9:00 and it’s 100% FREE.  


Doug Benson, Photo: Courtesy of Artist

On Friday you could start off over at Warehouse Live for the official Houston Whatever Fest Kickoff Party featuring comedian Doug Benson.  Benson has been on an album a year tear since 2024, his latest being this year’s “Doug Dynasty.”  He’s also the host of two weekly podcasts, “Getting Doug With High,” and “Doug Loves Movies,” as well as appearances on Comedy Central.  He’s seriously one of the funniest comics going, and he’s sure to make you laugh hard.  I would guess that several of Houston’s better comics would serve as host and feature act on the all ages show in the ballroom.  This show is separate from the festival with doors at 7:00 and tickets between $20.00 and $25.00.


If you’d rather get your hands on some art, then you can head to Catacomb to see the “No Thanks” art show.  The show will feature never before seen works from some of your favorite Houston artists including Devin Finch, Sergio Trevino, Taro Waggoner and more.  Things get going around 7:00, it’s all ages, and 100% FREE.


Jeezy, Photo: Brad Barket

Arena Theater will be hosting the popular hip hop of Atlanta’s Jeezy.  You more than likely want to hear his jams like, “Put On,” “Soul Survivor,” and “Gold Bottles;” but his new album, “Church In These Streets” is worth listening to.  Gone is the “Young” from his name and a stronger and more adult version of his tunes have emerged.  The guy can still rock a mic better than many, and he goes hard during a live set.  There’s no word of an opener, but that will change.  The doors are at 7:00, the show is at 8:00, and the tickets are $59.50.


Over at Bohemeo’s, the blues rock of Houston’s Muddy Belle will be throwing a video release party, for their single “Won’t Be No More.”  They’ll headline the night dropping tunes from their latest, “Mercy Me.”  The show will encompass both the inside and outside areas, with Sik Mule, Disfrutalo, and Handsome Beast all doing sets as well.  The show starts at 8:00 with Handsome Beast, and runs until about midnight.  It’s all ages & 100% FREE.


If you’d like to get tripped out, then you could go to Black Barbie for a night of ear piercing jams headlined by Houston’s Ak’chamel.  I don’t expect anyone to get Ak’chamel, but I’d love for everyone to see them at least once.  For the first time in a long time, there’s a Houston act that I can’t tell people what they’ll see.  Will they sit on the floor, will they play in the dark, will they dress up?  All of these questions and more will be answered when they perform.  Their latest album, this year’s “The Man Who Drank God,” is one of the oddest albums I’ve ever heard.  The trippy electro folk of NOLA’s HAWN will go on prior and play tunes from their latest, “Badmans.”  The ambient darkwave of Houston duo Tearful Moon will also be on the bill, while a DJ set from Millennial Grave will open things up.  The doors are at 9:00, I think it’s 18 & up, and the cover is TBA.


Midnight, Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Facebook

Rudyard’s has the thrash metal of Cleveland’s Midnight to help you close out your night.  Like a mix of Venom and Motorhead, these guys play the kind of metal that your parents were scared of, and they do it with insane intensity.  Their latest album, “No Mercy For Mayhem” from last year is pretty awesome, and it’s that kind of metal you wish you heard more of.  The stoner metal of Houston’s Venomous Maximus will be on as direct support.  I’d hope that you’ve seen these guys before, but if you somehow haven’t, then you’ve been doing Houston wrong.  Their latest album, “Firewalker” from earlier this year is pretty amazing, and they never disappoint in a live setting.  The fast and furious metal of Houston’s Peasant will be there to open things up.  These guys dropped a pretty quick and dark album earlier this year called “Go To Hell” that you need to hear.  The 21 & up show has doors at 9:00 and a $12.00 cover.


Fitzgerald’s will host the shoegaze sounds of New York’s Shana Falana.  Falana makes these looped sounds mixed with effects and dreamy guitar like no one else.  Her vocals dance atop the tunes in a beautiful way that make you wonder why you’ve never heard of her before.  Her latest release, “Set Your Lightning Fire Free” from this year mixes the allure of Cocteau Twins with the wizardry of Britpop acts like Lush.  Houston’s Empty Shells will open things up with their shoegaze meets indie rock sound.  You should know what you’re in for with their latest release, “Live At Rudyard’s.”  The all ages show has doors at 9:00 and it’s 100% FREE.


The Front Bottoms, Photo: Pauline Nguyen

Saturday I’d guess most of you would be heading to Houston Whatever Fest over by Warehouse Live.  The two day festival has comedy and music and a pretty low ticket price.  The day one of the fest will be headlined by Ghostland Observatory, GWAR, Lil’ Flip, The Ataris, The Front Bottoms, and more.  I’d definitely recommend checking out The Front Bottoms if you’ve never seen them, as they’re really great live.  However the one off set from B L A C K I E of his 2024 album, “Spred Luv” should also be something that you shouldn’t miss.  It’s the first time he’s performing the album in over five years, and the only time he’s performing it in 2024.  There’s also music from Def Perception, who seem to be on a tear to rule the Houston hip hop scene in the future.  They’ve been getting on all of the right shows, they have a crazy live set up, and they even have their music in Europe.  Of course, you’d be foolish to miss the high energy of Gio Chamba, or the performance heavy intensity of rapper Fat Tony, or even the party atmosphere of We Were Wolves.  There’s also a set from the soulful sounds of Satellite D’Homme, the alt-country of Second Lovers, and the electronica of Ape Drums. The comedy stage will see sets from TJ Miller who will seriously make you laugh harder than most, a live podcast of “Doug Loves Movies” from Doug Benson that should leave everyone with a contact high, and the funniest guy from Austin, Chris Cubas.  There’s also a ton of Houston comics like MTV’s Matthew Broussard and Kristin Lindner, as well as comedy legend Andy Huggins, alongside up and comers like Dale Cheesman and Zach Dickson.  The fest is all ages, the gates are at noon, and tickets are between $45.00 for a single day pass, $65.00 for a two day pass, and all the way up to $450.00 for a baller VIP two day pass that includes FREE tickets to the Doug Benson show on the night before plus private areas and what not.  


Over in the area of Last Concert Cafe and Eastdown Warehouse, they’ll have another edition of the For The Community Festival, #10.  The ongoing event is three days of music and art.  Sets from The Wheel Workers, Disfrutalo!, Giant Kitty, Ex-Optimists, FLCON FCKER, Rosewood Thievz, Ak’chamel and more will be happening across the three days.  More information is available here, it gets going around 2:00, and the all ages event is FREE.


If fests aren’t your thing then you could help your community over at the Highland Park Care Center, when the guys from Music Is Our Weapon have their music discovery program.  The volunteer event will help them curate music to help the elderly in the facility, as well as show you how music can make a difference.  All of the information is available here, and they ask if you do attend that you bring your own headphones, smartphone, and have music apps pre-loaded to make the process go smoother.  It starts at 2:00 and is open to anyone who wants to help.


Over at Town City Brewing Company, you can catch three acoustic sets worth making it our for, when The Grizzly Band headlines a show at the Heights brewery.  These guys play a mi of punk and Americana like you’ve never heard before, and their 2024 album, “Lost and Found” is pretty amazing.  The indie folk chaos of Jason Bancroft and the Wealthy Beggars will go on prior, and should turn some heads when they do.  Like if Chuck Ragan sang while Woody Guthrie played, their new album, “Home” is definitely something worth listening to.  The Americana meets alt-country sounds of Quiet Morning & the Calamity will open things up.  I feel like I’ve said this no less than ten times, but their 2024 album “Son of The Sad Soul,” is definitely one you need to check out sooner than later.  I would guess that it’s 21 & up, but it might be all ages with an adult.  The music starts at 7:00 and it’s 100% FREE.


Kirko Bangz, Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Facebook

You could get your pop music fix over at House of Blues when Denison, Texas’ SoMo performs.  Last year the singer had a smash hit with his single “Ride,” and this year he’s back with a new album, “My Life II.”  R&B sensation Jordan Bratton will be on as direct support.  Bratton has been popping off since his 2024 debut, but it’s his most recent effort, “Youth” that’s garnered him all sorts of praise.  Houston’s own, Kirko Bangz will open things up, and probably whip the crowd into a frenzy when he performs his hit jam, “Drank In My Cup.”  His latest single is this year’s “Worry Bout It” with a feature from Fetty Wap, and he’s always been a great performer.  The all ages show has doors at 7:00 and tickets between $27.00 and $30.00.


Vinal Edge will be celebrating 30 years as a record shop, when they have a show to mark the occasion.  I think we’ve all bought a record from Chuck over the years, and it’s rad to see that he’s still going strong.  The show will feature sets from The Snooty Garbagemen, Muhammadali, and Holy Money.  It’s Free, it’s all ages, and it gets going at 7:00 with adult beverages from No Label Brewing.


You can close your Saturday at Boondocks for another edition of the Les Femmes show.  Three DJ sets from three of Houston’s best DJ’s will be headlined by Gracie Chavez of Bombon.  Gracie has definitely made a name for herself in Houston, and her tropical bass sets are definitely legendary.  GRRRL Parts DJ’s will go on prior, while the evening will get opened up by the energy heavy jamz of Angiesliste.  The 21 & up show has doors at 10:00 and it’s 100% FREE.

smKevin Winter

Saint Motel, Photo: Kevin Winter

Sunday you can head back to day two of Houston Whatever Fest over in the Warehouse Live area of town.  On the music side of things, the festival will be headlined by the popular sounds of Toronto’s Metric.  Known for an intense live show, the group has been going strong since 1998 and their latest album, “Pagans In Vegas” is gaining plenty of traction.  LA indie pop act, Saint Motel will also bring their popular sounds to the festival.  These guys have been blowing up since last year’s “My Type” EP, and they’re supposed to be amazing to catch live.  Wu-Tang Clan’s GZA will also be on hand to drop a set, as will Heartless Bastards, Knox Hamilton, Shock G, and Elvis Depressedly.  Locally, sets from Houston’s Catch Fever, The Suspects, Dead To the World will be on hand alongside Houston producer birdmagic, the dark electronica of black kite, and the rock of Brand New Hearts.  That’s not saying that there still won’t be others like the hard rock of Seldom, the folky sounds of Say Girl Say, and the trippy tunes of Bang Bangz.  On the comedy side of things, the hilarious Brooks Wheelan will go on while the Comedy Central antics of Ari Shaffir will also drop a set.  There’s also a show from the Air Sex people, as well as heavy hitting Houston comics like Bob Biggerstaff, Chase Durousseau, Ku Egenti, Ashton Womack and many many more.  The gates open at noon, it’s all ages, and tickets run between $45.00 for a one day pass, $65.00 for a two day pass, or all the way up to $450.00 for a VIP two day pass.  


If that’s not your thing, then you could trek out to Dosey Doe’s Big Barn in the Woodlands, for Little River Band.  These legends have a ton of hits, they’re popular the world over, and scientifically speaking, this could be your last chance to catch the Australian natives while they can still tour.  They’re sure to play their hits like “Reminiscing,” “Lady,” and “Lonesome Loser.”  The show includes dinner served between 5:00 and 6:30, while the band starts at 7:30.  Tickets are between $128.00 and $188.00.


Monday you can trek down to Scout Bar to catch the stoner-esque rock of Brooklyn’s Highly Suspect.  The three piece has been making songs together since high school, and has played over 800 shows together since 2024.  Their latest album, this year’s “Mister Asylum” contains the band’s biggest hit to date, “Lydia.”  The atmospheric rock of Houston’s Valeluna will be on hand to play tunes from last year’s “In Your Absence,” while the second wave emo meets screamo sounds of Houston’s A Midnight In Chicago will be there to open things up.  The all ages show has doors at 7:00 and tickets between $15.00 and $18.00.

James Bay looking relaxed and happy with his guitar

James Bay, Photo: Alex Bramall

Tuesday you could head to House of Blues to catch the insanely popular folky pop sounds of James Bay.  The British performer has been compared to the likes of Ed Sheeran, and he’s riding high since the popularity of his single, “Hold Back The River.”  His latest album, “Chaos and The Calm” from this year is pretty damn catchy, and he will more than likely sell the show out.  Australian singer/songwriter, CLOVES will open things up with her big voice.  Check out her single, “Everybody’s Son,” because she has a crazy set of pipes.  The all ages show has doors at 7:00 and tickets between $27.50 and $37.50.


If hip hop is more your speed, then you could head to the ballroom at Warehouse Live to catch Mississippi’s Big K.R.I.T.  The rapper has been going off since he spent five years on the mixtape circuit, then dropping his debut to massive success five years ago.  His latest album, 2024’s “Cadilactica” has the rapper covering new ground while keeping his core sound intact.  The talented vocals of LA transplant, BJ The Chicago Kid will be on hand to open things up.  The all ages show has doors at 8:00 and tickets between $27.50 and $35.00.


Walters will host the folk rock of Houston’s Grisbee.  Lead by Jeremy Grisbee, this band plays road weary tunes that make you feel like they’ve been far from home for the last decade.  They just dropped a debut album called, “Sail Another Day” that’s top notch for sure.  The folk heavy tunes of Copenhagen’s The Migrant will be on as direct support, while Houston’s Adam Bricks will open the all ages show up.  The doors are at 8:00 and the tickets are a measly $8.00.
That’s about it before we hit Thanksgiving, but still another stacked seven days.  No matter what you decide to do, please do so in the safest way possible.