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Sunday , August 18 2024
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The future of houston rock needs you


Girls Rock Camp Houston is building the future of the Houston music scene and they need your help. The week long camp teaches girls, ages 8-18, how to play instruments, write and create music and play in a band. GRCH differentiates itself from other music camps by using musical education and creative expression as a tool to empower young women. The camp makes a concerted effort for female empowerment through encouraging friendships, promoting a positive body image, and using conscience language for multicultural awareness. The camp slogan and daily camp song, “Don’t be afraid. It’s ok to be weird!,” embodies the camp’s goal of fostering creative energy while encouraging the girls to accept and love themselves.

Local female musicians started the camp five years ago to grow the female rocker presence in the Houston music scene. Many of those founding female musicians are still volunteering at the camp, and every year the entire camp staff is comprised entirely of volunteers.  When asked why volunteers return to the camp, returning volunteer Cyndi Chirco explains that she returns because she is inspired by the attitude of the campers, “They are strong, brave and not afraid to be open.  I think we can all learn something from them.” Other volunteers spend their time with GRCH to make a positive change for the future. Megan Easley says, “GRCH is a forward thinking and progressive organization that not only wants to provide a fun environment for the girls but also to install a life-long empowered attitude in all that participate.”

The camp is still looking to fill volunteer positions for this year’s camp, which starts Monday July 29th and ends in a showcase on Sunday August 4th. GRCH needs volunteers for band coaches, food coordinators, child care, and gear team. The positions can last a couple hours a day to the full week of camp, and music experience is not a requirement for most volunteer positions.

Those interested in volunteering should fill out a volunteer application online and attend a volunteer information party. There are two opportunities to attend a volunteer information party, the first is this Sunday, July 7th or Saturday July 21st from 2-4 at the East Side Social Center 4204 Canal Street.  More information on the camp can be found at their website, girlsrockhouston.org.

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