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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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The Music of St. Vincent Morphed into a Play of the Human Condition

The young Houston playwright, Lauren Belmore, brings her play to the Applause Theater in Houston. “She’s Beyond Good and Evil” is a series of five vignettes based on the music of St. Vincent. Lauren sits down with Free Press Houston to discuss her play, her thoughts on theater, and growing up in Houston. Q: Tell me about your play based on the music of St. Vincent. A: I am a student at the University of North Texas. [The play] was developed via a program we have at school called First Stage. It’s usually a director pitching plays but I decided ... Read More »

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Hayes Carll Gets Freaky at Home

Whether you’ve personally experienced Californication, or you’ve spent a good chunk of time in Los Angeles, it haunts you. As the entertainment mecca, L.A. life shows up in nearly all music and film. Sure, you get a sprinkle of New York in there, but what about everything in between. You’ll find shots of the New York skyline, or surfers at the beach, or other scenes with weak parallels to our lives here. Well fuck California, what about Houston, and our reality? There haven’t been too many artists ruminating on our life on the third coast, but Hayes Carll is a ... Read More »

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The Revisionaries Showing at 14 Pews

“Dinosaurs were on the arc! That’s what I would teach.” The head of the Texas State Board of Education meant this, quite seriously.The Revisionaries is a documentary or inadvertent comedy/horror movie about the rewriting of Texas textbooks and the conflicts between liberal and conservative board members. The political and social implications of the board’s decisions are why this movie is so scary and why we as a nation need to be more conscious of the influences on our nation’s youth.  What better way to shape the minds and direction of our country than to dictate what they are taught is ... Read More »

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A Campy Vision Takes You to Some Dark Places in Notes from the Dark Ride

Local artist Jon Read has created a comical, beautiful, twisted and colorful ride for all, on view at Domy books. The exhibition titled Notes from the Dark Ride takes the viewer through the paintings in a self-powered cart. The experience is like a more entertaining and completely endurable version of the Disney ride, “It’s a small world.” Notes from the Dark Ride includes art and music in a well-constructed installation, which reflects the many facets of Jon Read. Read is obsessed with comic books, cult films, sci-fi and mythology/religion. He has received formal training in religious art through his work ... Read More »

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Holiday Mini-mART Party

The difficulty with supporting local artists in a real way is not having an extra fat wad of cash to purchase their work. The Art League of Houston understands our dilemma and has organized the first ever Holiday Mini-mART & Party. With food, drinks, DJs and art you can actually afford, it’s a win-win for everyone. The ALH building on 1953 Montrose Blvd will be hosting the event on Saturday, December 15th from 6 pm to 9 pm.  The Mini-mART offers a variety of pieces by local artists, all for under $100. Besides the showcased art, this free event will ... Read More »

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Portrait of Spain Street Festival

Spain brings up a lot of different images for a lot of different people. For many young travelers it’s a man carrying a cooler of cheap brew down the street yelling “cervesabeer!”, but the MFAH and its partners are going beyond that. The lasting images of 15th to 18th century Spain are showcased in the MFAH exhibition, Portrait of Spain: Masterpieces from the Prado. The MFAH is kicking off the exhibition this Sunday, December 16th, with a street fair celebrating all things Spanish. From 1 pm– 4 pm, Sunday December 16th the Beck Building Main Street entrance will be fully ... Read More »

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Ain’t No Party Like A Funeral Party

It is said that the low points in life are what makes the high points that much sweeter. We experience this sensation all the time on a smaller scale. Like when you showed up to that Christmas party and you didn’t know anyone else there so you got a drink and a plate of food which you sat awkwardly alone to eat, staring out into the crowd of people you didn’t know, feeling like an awkward loser. So when that girl you haven’t seen since high school shows up you greet her like she was your best long lost friend, ... Read More »

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