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We Were Wolves Keep Things At Home On New Video

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We Were Wolves, Photo: Chelsea Morgendorffer


Twenty years ago when bands made music videos, there were high end directors brought in, and often there was a vision portrayed onto cellulose that the band didn’t equate for when the song was actually written.  And, that still exists in many circles today, when a band has a video made, they aren’t really part of the process anymore.  However, my favorite videos are the ones that showcase the real world elements in which the artist inhabits in their day to day lives.  Luckily for Houston’s We Were Wolves, their new video and the song for that video encompass the most intimate of spaces, “Home.”  The lead track off of their 2024 EP, “Ruin Your Weekend,” the band kept things as close to the chest as they could in having the video filmed in the home that the four piece lives in.


For anyone who doesn’t know, this isn’t the first time that the band, originally from nearby Beaumont kept things familiar.  In videos from their 2024 album, “Wolf House,” and the EP that came before it, the band kept things as close to their real lives as possible.  Whether it was driving down the highway with the windows down or a backyard BBQ, the visual aspect of the band’s videos was as close to what the band does live that this new video feels like an arena that the band knows well.  The song, originally produced by famed producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, already gave the feel of what catching the band was like.  Squealing guitars, a thunderous drumbeat, and howling vocals were already what you experienced when the track played.  Now, with a look into the band’s home, you open with lead guitarist Vinc Prihoda wrestling to get out of the back of the band’s van.  A quick hop up to the second floor duplex that the band inhabits finds each member performing live in their own separate rooms, thus adding to the intimacy of the space they call their abode.  The song plays out, with each member playing their respective parts just like they do at a live performance, but there’s something to be said about the fact that it looks like a place where a band would live.  It’s not extraordinarily clean, the beds aren’t really made, and there’s show posters everywhere.  Things close with a quick journey back downstairs to find the four piece cracking open beers in the front yard.


The evesborough directed video for “Home,” found exclusively here, is a great example of how keeping things close to the chest without breaking the bank, is still the best way to get your point across.  You can grab a physical copy of the “Ruin Your Weekend” EP this Thursday, April 28th, when We Were Wolves opens for LA punk band The Bronx at Raven Tower.  The all ages show has doors at 7:00 and carries a $3 cover for 21 & up attendees, and a $10 cover for those under 21.