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ANTI Records releases nice little compilation

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By Jack Betz

I spied a little banner on the right side of Facebook last night informing me that ANTI just released a spring compilation. I can never remember who’s on what label but at a price of 2.99 in the iTunes store I basically just bought the thing without even looking. To my delight, there were actually a few artists that I know of and like.  The best songs on the album were “Fannin Street” by crooner Tom Waits (which is, appropriately, about a street in Houston), “Pa pa power” by Dead Man’s Bones, “Tender Torture” by the quirky Canadian band Islands (whose frontman used to be in the weird but cool Unicorns), and “Feeling the Pull” by the Swell Season (fronted by Irish musician Glen Hansard). It’s only 2.99. Scoop it up before the price goes up or disappears altogether.